I lie to people: I tell people I hate games &competitive activities. even though I like them a lot. Why? Truth is they give me anxiety. I want to win (or at least come close) &I feel like if I’m not going to do my absolute best (and win) then I’m better off not doing them at all. Uh, yeah, that’s not exactly a great attitude is it? Nope, no it’s not. But it’s the truth– it’s a sad character flaw I have.
That being said, I really do hate topbabyblogs. The whole thing gives me anxiety. I don’t want to worry about what number I’m in or if I’m even on the first page, but being a pretty new blog (less than a yew old!), it’s kinda important to stay ranked. I have made a lot of friends and blog readers through topbabyblogs (this is the only upside to this site– a big upside) and I’d like to keep meeting more (everyone I’ve connected with thus far has been fantastic). Yes, I still spam facebook occasionally, and every once in a while I’ll ask here, but I hate placing the vote link &banner at the bottom of every page. You may have noticed, I stopped doing that a while ago. It doesn’t look tasteful to ask every single post, especially when I’m writing from the heart about my daughter (OH AND VOTE FOR MY BLOG!) Ugh. Hate. I hate scrolling through twitter and seeing it every other post. I especially hate seeing it on instagram— I’m there for the pretty photos (mostly, of the two best things in the world: food and babies). Everywhere: vote vote vote. 
I’ve been torn this past reset: stay on topbabyblogs or say goodbye forever (or at least for a long time). I decided I’m going to stay. I don’t want to ask for votes anymore. I’ll only ask once. Once every reset. After that, you can continue voting (once a day) if you really and truly feel like you should (we sure hope so!)
They reset topbabyblogs last week. We’re grateful to be on the first page, but are struggling– neck and neck with a lot of other great blogs. We would love your vote (a few days late) for this reset. 
Consider voting for us today if: 
-you enjoy ohdeardrea and most of what this blog offers (photos, stories, crafts, honesty, diet water).
-you’ve enjoyed reading about our lives and watching my babycakes grow. 
-you can’t get enough of this face:
-or if, you don’t really care for me, but can’t stay away and keep coming back for more (cause I think this deserves a vote too).
I wont keep coming back and asking you for more votes. Not here, not on twitter, &not on instagram. I may cheat and ask everyone once in a while on facebook (MAYBE).  
Please know how much we appreciate each and every reader &single person who takes a moment to vote for ohdeardrea. You guy’s have kept us ranked this far and it means a lot to me. Thank you for your support.
If you want to help us out:
Please vote today to help us with the recent reset. 
&Please vote once daily to help us stay ranked. 
Thank you!
Drea & Marlowe

ps. I’m totally not trying to put down a whole website. The idea behind it works, and the creator is obviously a genius. 
pps. Michelle is bring leftover pho today and I could not be more excited! hehe. 

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  1. I wish there were more baby blogs like yours. You come across as very genuine and don't hold back. I really appreciate that in a blogger. I wouldn't have found you if it was for TBB so I always send a vote your way whenever I can.

  2. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree about voting requests at the end of every post being annoying. Thanks for doing your own thing instead of just adding the link because everyone else does. I hope other bloggers pick up on that and it becomes the trend for blog ranking sites like TBB.

  3. You know what? I like the idea of the site too and did register back at *some point* but it just seems like hard work and maybe not necessary. Great to hear someone else mention this side of it!!
    BUT I have also read that you do meet lots of great people (like you said)…so maybe I should give it another chance 😉
    Enjoying being a new reader of yours 🙂
    p.s Found you through Pinterest and dear baby.

  4. I pretty much vote for you daily or whenever i see the link (while i read your new posts) im so glad to see your blog up there! it deserves recognition. u freaking rock!

  5. I can not bring myself to ask for votes. It would be nice to be higher ranked, but I hate feeling asking for things like that. I do leave a button on my sidebar, and though I don't get a ton of votes, but I still get traffic and have met some really great people that way!

    I vote though, especially when I read a really great blog post.

  6. I vote constantly, off and on between days with you and Bekah from mylittle loves because you both are so darn cute and well- It's hard to say no to one or the other so I do both, just switching off day to day <3 anything for you and that adorable munchkin love you've got.

  7. I've become addicted to reading about you and your little Marlowe. I will vote as often as I can remember to!

    P.S. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Audrey Tautou?? You do!

    Take care. xo

  8. i voted for you today! i love your blog, but honestly just forget to vote a lot. The banner being there actually does remind me and doesn't annoy me at all. I am new to this whole blog thing, but i look forward to all of your posts. And who can resist that babyface?

  9. I hear you about the anxiety!! I had to let it go, it was truly becoming unhealthy and i do feel better not being on there although, i miss being part of the tbb family.
    i will try to vote for you daily although i feel like that gives me anxiety too! lol