Since my new phone, I have an obsession with instagram. I’ve avoided words with friends, plants vs zombies, angry birds, and whatever else people are obsessed with. During babycake feedings, it has replaced facebook. Here are some (most) of the photos I’ve taken so far…. (watch out: there’s a ton) mostly of Marlowe (OBVIOUSLY).

teasing a dog. midnight snack. super dog. tiny garden. love. love. first mango of the season.  birdie mobile. chickpea pot pie (recipe soon!).

grandmother’s necklace. tiny reader. first instagram picture. early morning walk. late evening with three loves. snuggle session. dreamer. no sleep morning. first attempt at finger foods.

rocking barley & birch &owl jammies to bed. #teameric. nothing. puppy love. puppy love x two. visiting eric’s new shop!. early morning smooches to make up for rough nights. pool season. greetings from florida.

Do you have instagram? Find me: ohdeardrea 🙂


  1. Loving these photos. It's amazing the quality you can get from a phone these days (better than I get from my *actual* camera!).

  2. i love the first shot, it is really special that is is clearest over marlow's face 🙂 i would love a go with instagram, need an iphone first though!


  3. I could just squeeze her little cheeks through this very screen! And I can't wait for the chickpea pot pie recipe..

  4. I am so obsessed with it now too! It's crazy how I have to turn every pic into something now :). Glad to see I'm not alone

  5. i am seriously addicted to instagram.

    and if any of my pictures turned out as cute as yours, I would seriously be in trouble. like I don't think I would be able to stop.

  6. Yay for Marlowe joining the group of many babies I ooh and ahh over on Instagram. It's a fabulous app but it definitely gives me baby fever!


  7. I'm not cool enough to have a smart phone, maybe one of these days! I love the pictures! The one w/ Marlowe snuggling w/ Eric is just so precious!

  8. How many images do you have in your photo app? I have had my iPhone for a year and a half and I have 507…but I am guessing 90% of them have been in the past 7 months, ever since my daughter was born and when I installed Instagram and Hipstamatic!

  9. first of all, your flipping gorgeous. I especially love you accompanied by a delicious mango. second, I know I tell you this a lot but marlowe couldn't be any flipping cuter. seriously. the world would flip upside down 😉 and third, I have been meaning to ask you, where did you find your super cute and quaint patio table set? I have been looking for similar, small and white with not too much to it but enough to make a statement <3