Hello friends! It’s almost July! Yes, July…. trust me, I just looked it up. As you may or may not know we took a sponsor break last month and kept the same (amazing) sponsors from May…. well we’re back, looking for new (or new-old) sponsors for the coming summer (sunshine-filled) month. 

We love our sponsors 🙂 &are happy to work with you to promote your blog, business, whatever, in just about every social networking outlet possible. Blogger, twitter, facebook, instagram: you name it, we (most likely) do it. 
In under 6 months we have jumped from an average of 12,000 monthly views to: (last months) 58,000 views! Holy cow. It’s a great time to jump on board because we are growing each and every single day and we would like to help you grow too 🙂
We are currently offering large ad spots at: 180×150 and small ad spots at: 180×75 
(With some giveaway possibilities for either size)
If you’ve got a website, shop, blog, or anything that you think would be a good match for ohdeardrea then we would love to work with you! 
Please contact me for details at: ohdeardrea@gmail.com
Thank you so much!

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