This weekend has been pretty amazing. I took a zillion photos — 244 to be exact &thats not including the millions on my phone. We had tons of amazing meals, (Marlowe’s first) zoo time, adult time, lots of clapping and high fives from Marlowe, a tiny bit of sleep… it was great. I’ll post pictures later this week, I’m sure 🙂

Today we had a pho party at Michelles. Her mom spent allll morning making beef broth for everyone (I got a vegan version) and prepping all the soup ingredients. Asian food is actually one of my least favorites, but lately I’ve been going through an Asian loving phase. I’ve been attempting to make more dishes at home (rice noodles &stir fries) and craving vegetable sushi. Who knows how long this Asian kick will last, but for now it’s been pretty awesome. Especially when its an authentic meal made by a crazy old Asian lady who looks 30 years younger than she actually is 🙂

Choosing your ingredients. I had fried bean curd instead of beef and vegetable broth. noodles. green onion. onion. sprouts. two types of mint leaves. chili pepper.
Sriracha, lime, &hoisin sauce too.
&of course, Marlowe had noodle time:
Seriously… a baby playing with noodles? Amazing joy.
I hope you all also had an exciting weekend! This was seriously one of the best ones in a long time! &Tomorrow is yoga &then a concert with Eric! Yay! 🙂


  1. we love love love Pho. any kind of rice noodle, you name it, we consume it. I have a recipe of a rice noodle veggie stir fry I made and posted on my recipe box- check it out if you are wanting to make some! you can make it with or without the sauce and totally substitute with ginger dressing (mmmm!)- either way its amazing <3

  2. I JUST finished eating dinner and now I'm positively drooling! Looks pretty darn amazing!

  3. I love Pho! In Cali we use to go to a place called Pho King (hehe) a lot.

  4. that food looks amazing! I love how you just let Marlowe dig in, I've been doing a lot of that lately…the look on some people's faces when they see the mess, priceless!