I wish every weekend could be like this past weekend. There were quite a few activities, but not too many to tire us out… well it tired Marlowe out at least 🙂 Lots of friend time. Lots of delicious food. There was lots of snuggled up down time. And one night out for Eric &I. And new experiences for little Marlowe! Perfect! I hope next weekend is half as good 🙂


Michelle and I started off the weekend right when we spotted a food truck on the way downtown. I had heard a little bit about Curbside Gourmet, but hadn’t seen them in action yet. I had just had breakfast and we were heading to lunch not long after so we just opted for a large order of truffle fries. I know the food truck wave has been long in effect, but it’s so nice to finally see them in my area— and with better looking fresh options. Hoooray food truck takeover!


That evening Michelle, Marlowe, &I attended a babyshower for Mindy, she was the doula for my birth, and now works with Michelle 🙂 Small world. There was a ridiculous amount of women there– no really, I don’t think I’ve ever been in a home with that many women– so many of them pregnant too. If you read my ‘hippie’ post— man, I don’t know, in comparison, I’m not anywhere near being a “hippie”. This really was a crunchy mama party. &Of course, it was pretty nice to see so many earth centered and vegan and vegetarian people there!

my big-footed baby.
Saturday Eric &I started the morning right with breakfast &fresh squeezed mango lemonade. We cleaned house— my house at least 🙂 &snuggled up on the couch for an hour before heading off to the zoo with my brother &sister-in-law! I havent been to this zoo in years, but they really have done a lot with it. There is so much more space now (or it least seems that way), a lot more shade, and a ton more animals. I’d have to say Marlowe definitely enjoyed her first zoo trip! We brought the stroller, but she ended up in the sling more times than not (about 90% of the time)
You can see how tiny we are.
&a souvenir for Marlowe: Mr. Otter (for now. he needs a better name)
Saturday night Heidi came by to babysit (and brought a bag full of cookies for me—which of course, are all gone already. LAME. Well, Lame they are gone, not lame that there were cookies— the cookies were obviously fantastic). &Eric &I headed down out to a bar we had never been to before (The Coffee District). We split a beer &then quickly left. Amazing beer selection, but a very off vibe— and terrible open mic– no really, really terrible. We went to an pub a few streets down… but also left there after one beer too. We decided we were better off going back to my home, parking in front of my house, and walking somewhere local. We went to the wine bar and saw a few friends, but they were out of beer (weird, I know), and then planted ourselves at Havana Hideout for a drink. Michelle and Joey walked down to hangout. &not long after I wanted to get home cause the sleepies were catching up! They always get me super early now. 
&Sunday was of course: PHO
Seriously, so nice! Like I said, need more weekends like this last one!
Thank you so so so so much for everyone who voted for us yesterday! Your votes really did make a difference! <3 We always appreciate it! Best readers EVER. Thanks guys!


  1. my "lovey" growing up was a stuffed otter named….Otter. Clearly, i was a very clever child.
    he may or may not be hidden behind the headboard of my bed so i can sorta sleep with him without being made fun of by my BD.

  2. What kind of sling do you use? I'm looking for a good quality (and affordable) one because my Moby is too hot right now 🙁

  3. hey there 🙂 your blog is precious! i'm new to the blogging community (literally just made one the other day)..but i have a question: what kind of camera do you use for most of your photos? it takes great photos (well, i suppose it's YOU taking the photos) but the quality is really good.

  4. Love your friend's painted belly <3

    The first time Keelin went to the zoo, she picked out a Lemur stuffy that she named "Coose." haha- thanks for sharings your pictures!!

  5. Ooh, what kind of sling is that (at the zoo)? I think my daughter would really dig that. Is it comfortable?

  6. that painted belly is the coolest. and can i ask where you got your straw floppy hat? i'm looking for the perfect one and… have yet to find it. boo.

  7. coffee district is LAME…we've been to that open mic and literally the only highlight is when the beard plays(i mean, i'm biased…but it's really awful)…so i lol'ed when i read what you had to say about it 🙂

  8. Envious of crunchy mama party! I've written lately about wanting a community like that. I feel like I've been pretty isolated throughout my pregnancy when it comes to being around similar-minded people. Instead it's mostly been people to whom I've had to explain & defend my views in depth.

    And your weekend looks lovely! More envy from a housebound mama to be!