Marlowe has found a new joy this week. While in the sling, she absolutely loves leaning forward and looking up at me….. she waits for me to lean forward and do the same to her. Once I do, she lets out the cutest giggle. Over &over again. She did this about 40 times on the walk home from the supermarket the other night.

Much like everywhere else in the country, it has been tremendously hot here. Outings have been slim to none. Well, outings with Marlowe anyway. Her father is in town for a week. He arrived this weekend and has been coming by the house to spend time with her while I have been busy… trying to use this as much needed “me time”. Naps, yoga, crafting… even running out for coffee, shopping, and the supermarket baby-free, whatever… it’s been pretty nice. Also, Marlowe seems pretty content with this arrangement. She’s in her own home, with her toys, and her napping zone… and of course with me coming back and forth to give her mama time.

Speaking of walking, MARLOWE JUST TOOK 15+ STEPS. oh dear.

EDIT: I just uploaded a video of Marlowe walking. It’s posted to my facebook and twitter! GO LOOK!



  1. @lisa @keke: it's a looma. I believe from Sweden. It was a hand-me-down. I don't believe you can find them in the states. Very sturdy, but the fabric could be a lot softer 🙂

  2. Can you please let me know what sling you use and if you're happy with it? Thanks!!

  3. Wow…15 steps! My 11 month old still isn't attempting steps on his own yet! Oh…what kind of sling is that?

  4. before i get busy with my day and forget my dream, you were in it last night. we were in some town (not in FL) and we were selling our goods to boutiques. i was selling my headbands and you jewelry?

    on another note, yay for 15 steps. now the real fun begins….