Mama baby breakfast.
Signs of a baby hula hooping.

And of course, Marlowe’s hidden treasures:

A collection of toys found under the couch.
(Yes, ALL these things were under there!)
A baby hair brush. Two chickens. A silver cup. An ugly plastic fish (Remo— Nemo’s cousin). Two blocks. An ugly plastic zebra duck (we hate animal prints). A little black choo choo train. &A collection of pacifiers.
All shipped off to the sink to get a good scrub down. Also under the couch? A collection of Jerry’s tennis balls. They will stay there.

What’s under your couch? 


  1. Mostly pacifers and toys. Funny thing is mine won't even use pacifiers. He prefers his fingers. Oh no!

  2. How sweet is Marlowe's stash!
    We've got books and blocks and a few paci's and definitely more cat hair than I'd like to admit. You've inspired me to tackle it tomorrow!

  3. Oh God, I don't even want to know what is under the couch!! HA! Brees loves that little raspberry paci so much, she chews on that thing all day!

  4. ya know drea, maybe marlowe loves animal prints and is really offended by this post. just a thought.

  5. what's under my couch?? hold on let me check…

    2 bras (FOUND!), crust of bread (gross), one high top pink converse (THERE IT IS), a computer cord, my laptop from college (RIP) and nail polish remover

  6. Under our couch is filllled with dog toys and probably little fur tumbleweeds. Your little lady had quite a stash under there. 🙂

  7. Neither of us want to know what's under my couch!

    And, "signs of a baby hula hooping": hahah!

  8. My couch is raised a bit and not against a wall, so nothing really gets stuck back there. But my cat does frequently shove things under my record player stand and my TV stand: pens, hair elastics, balls, toys, MAIL and, almost definitely, my Apple remote. I had two Apple remotes at some point, which I used daily, and now they were no where to be found. I've looked everywhere.

  9. This post is lovely. I've been following your blog for a short time now, and it's absolutely beautiful. Your photography is so light and airy. I love it.