Hello friends! It’s July (you know this, we’re half way in it) and it’s time for me to introduce ohdeardrea’s really amazing sponsors. I’m not just saying this, these sponsors = awesome. I could seriously sit down and have a beer and lot of laughs (or sarcastic jokes) with all of these women. No really, I want to do this: sponsors + me + hanging out = happy party. If you haven’t already checked them out, do it. You’ll be happy you did. If I let you down, you can come yell at my personally (though you won’t, you’ll be very happy).


Barley & Birch. We love Barley & Birch. A LOT. We’ve brought them up a lot in the blog and featured Marlowe in many of their adorable clothes. Check out Barley and Birch because: 1. Their shirts are adorable. 2. Their shirts are eco-friendly! Made in the USA (less emissions wasted on shipping). Water based inks. &of course: organic. 3. Fifteen percent of their profits are donated to organizations that invest in renewable energy. See Marlowe in cuteness on the B&B blog!


Vintageshoelove. Like shoes? Love shoes? Want shoes? Lisa has got them, and they are fabulous. I’m not sure really how she works her magic… I personally like to call her a “shoe god”  and now, a friend too 🙂 Be sure to check out her SHOP, shoe tumblr, personal tumblr (baby photos!!!), and twitter. Also, if you dont believe me that she is awesome and we are friends: HERE are photos from our mini beach trip where Marlowe and Saffron (Lisa’s extra adorable baby) met. Lisa is able to be stay at home mama with (gorgeous head of hair) Saffron because of her shop. Go support her shop and give some extra spectacular shoes a home. Waste is stupid. Shoe love indeed. (Just don’t buy any 6.5’s they’re for my tiny feet!)


(Mis)conceptions. You know how I like brutal honesty? You know, how you like it too? Meet Stephanie. Mama blogger. Local (to me, maybe you too). You’ll want to check out her blog for: three (awesome) kids (two daddies), amazing pictures,  rants, stories of being a bad-ass, open honesty, and beer snobbery. Basically, what I’m saying is she’s a much cooler version of me, but with more kids. So check out her blog. And you could be like me and follow her on twitter to harass her about giving you good beer.


Stephanie Mansueto Photography. Stephanie’s photography site. This is more for you local blog readers…. a South Florida photographer, a good one. Weddings, maternity, children, events, bands, whatever… she hass got you covered. If you don’t believe me, check out her site and have a look for yourself. She takes really good photos, she’s not just another person with a fancy camera in hand. Be sure to check out her work 🙂


Brenda Shares. I’ll be honest, I had never seen this blog until Brenda contacted me about sponsorship. I checked out her site and I was very very pleased, and of course added it to my bookmarks. Another cloth diapering, breast-feeding, co-sleeping mama? Yes please! The more the merrier! Someone I’ll be sure to go to for many cloth diapering or mama questions. Be sure to check out her twitter and her blog to peek into her lovely little family’s life with new baby Charlotte! Also, if you’re interested in cloth diapering: Check out THIS post. It is hands down one of the best cloth diapering break downs I’ve seen on the internet. I wish I had it around when I was deciding what cloth diaper to try. Seriously.


Living on Love. Since I already told you a bit about Lacy and her awesome family on THIS awesome post she wrote, I’ll let Lacy tell you about her family: “Social worker and high school teacher, parents of sweet Adair Lynden, trying to live a BIG life in a simple way. Our sincere hope is that our blog can give you ideas and inspiration for all kinds of things, including: parenting a new baby, creating meaningful experiences with your family, starting traditions, photography and crafting, traveling near and far, enjoying great movies, music, and literature, choosing the best products for your children, celebrating birthdays and holidays, decorating on a budget, DIY projects, cooking wonderfully at home, making a difference (living simply, doing your part, etc.), most importantly: really living on love… Living your life in a way that gives you life, creates meaning, and fulfills you. Refraining from things that suck the life out of you or inhibit you from something meaningful.” 
If you didn’t last week, be sure to check out her blog. Twitter and Etsy too! 

 Matt and Kara Adopt. Eeeeep. “Matt & Kara Adopt is a love story about us, our journey in adoption and everything in between”. This is such a great time to introduce this blog to you all. They just found a baby match! A little boy due at the end of September! Matt and Kara Adopt is such an inspirational blog. Be sure to head over to Kara (and Matt’s, but more Kara’s) blog to read more about their story and share their new babyjoy with them! It will definitely put a smile on your face. I promise. They are going to be some great parents. Head over and congratulate! 

Opal. It’s closed, for now, but will be back soon. Boring, I know. So I’m sending you over to Harper’s Happenings. If you don’t already read Mandy’s blog, you should. She is one of my online crushes and her and Harper are awesome. I dream of drinking wine and eating nachos with her one day. Go be friends

Awesome, right? 🙂