Ten months old. On her way to walking everywhere. Waving, playing, dancing, &music playing machine.  This month was very much like last month, with the exception of her standing and walking skills. Marlowe can now take up to 6 steps on her very own. Each day you can see her grow a little more, take another step further, and make another bold move. Working hard to improve any and every skill she’s acquired in her ten months of life. I no longer have a baby, she is so incredibly grown up… and I really can’t believe how quickly it all went by. I love this stage. I hear other moms say “every stage is my new favorite stage”, for me, its not like that. As much as I loved her little teeny tiny baby phase… I knew I would love this more… &I do. Interacting, giggling, peek-a-booing, and full awareness. I’m so in love. 


  1. i have been reading your blog since becoming a mom and finding you on top baby blogs. when you posted this post, i realized that your daughter has the same birthdate as my son! my son is about 12 hours (+some time changes) older. i just want to tell you how much i enjoy your blog. you cover motherhood, crafting, cooking (though i'm not vegan, i love your healthy recipes), real life, etc… your daughter is beautiful and i look forward to her adventures in mobility! thanks for the great blog.

  2. Wow! She looks so much older all of a sudden. You are right! Definitely not a baby anymore. I have to say I'm with ya, too. Loved the baby stage…but when my daughter started walking around 11 months…I just really enjoyed it…and everything after that. Miss those days. Now, I have a big girl; turning seven next month. It does go by very quickly as you are learning. Savor the moments. So many great ones ahead.

  3. M is BEAUTIFUL Drea.
    I'd give almost anything to go back to 10 months with violet for at least a day 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh- She is growing even more beautiful!
    So sweet! And she looks wise- older than a 10 month old. Really!