Hello! I know Saturday posts are rare, but I figured I stop in and say hello while the babe naps! I tried that “no heat curl” tutorial that has been flying around the internet lately. Well, I mean, what else am I going to do on a Friday night, now that we’ve finished watching LOST? Exactly. At first I thought about bribing my friends to let me try it on them… but I really wanted to try it out and see if it could work on shorter hair. Welp, it worked… right? I don’t think I came out looking like some kind of rabid freak or anything (I was sightly worried about that). Honestly, I think it came out pretty cute and it really couldn’t have been easier. Something to hold me over a bit until I get my long hair back.


No real big plans this weekend. Going out tonight to celebrate a friends birthday. Food, drinks, and if I’m lucky: some photohunt. The South Florida summer is killer (I have no idea how I did it last year while pregnant) and I’m just really looking forward to it cooling down so I can actually get out of the house with Marlowe.

Actually, speaking of cooler weather. We have a vacation planned for the first week of August, Marlowe’s second plane trip. Where? Massachusetts. It’s quite amusing to me that Marlowe &Eric will both be experiencing Massachusetts for their first time— at the same time. I’m dreaming of boots and striped blazers. We’ll see how the weather treats me. *positive thoughts*

Next week I’m hoping to post three (easy, but awesome) recipes: an asian soup broth, veggie spring rolls, and indian lentil fritters. nom nom nom.


I’ve been wondering where Marlowe picked up this scrunch face look. She does it *constantly* now. Michelle’s response was: “really? really? you don’t know? you do it constantly!” While taking these hair photos, I realized: she was right. I really really do make that face. (see photo above) A lot. Heh. Umm, also, Marlowe? She’s awake now. And I guess in her sleep she learned how to say “bye bye!” 🙂 🙂 🙂 She is awesome. Now she just needs to get the hand gestures and the mouth going at the same time. (Tomorrow she’ll do it, I’m sure). Also! Now when she gets a little brave or excited, she is taking about three steps at a time! She only gets cooler each day that goes by!

Happy Weekend everyone! 
ps. thank you for all your comments on my sleep post. I plan on checking out all resources that were mentioned! <3<3


  1. hi! i started following your blog a few weeks ago and i love it! your hair looks really cute. i cut my hair short two weeks ago and will definitely have to try the "no heat curl" look on my hair. i hope it'll come out as cute as yours 🙂

  2. the hair came out great and i love your hair short.
    boots and striped blazers sounds dreamy.
    Marlowe's face is adorable and she totally gets it from you. 🙂

  3. and if you happen to be like passing through my town you'd best let me know. i mean, if nothing else i can wave from the door while my just-come-in breastmilk sprays everywhere??

  4. love the hair.

    and i think im starting lost from season 1 episode 1 tonight. what else does a girl do in the heat in her 39th week of pregnancy?

  5. Hi Drea,

    I really enjoy and your blog. I am going to be a first-time-mum soon and am very excited but nervous too. I look forward to reading more of you and Marlowe's adventures.


  6. I am loving the curls- I must try this! and I am beyond excited about the indian lentil recipe 🙂

  7. @olivia: super easy! I mean, my hair is short, but tremendously thick. I think it could work for most hair.

    @sonja: I actually grew up in Massachusetts 🙂 My mom lives there. I should specify: I look forward to boots during the day and blazers in the evening!

    @mama mandolin: I did it when it was about 60% dry. Well, maybe 80% dry in the front and 60% in the back. And I slept in it… no product or anything. But it's almost 5 in the evening and still holding strong!

    @renee: hahahaha. baby crush.

  8. oliver just flipped over this picture of marlowe! he hit a button and made it scroll to the bottom of the page… he proceeded to scream until i made her come back.

  9. I tried it on my almost shoulder length hair and the back flipped out a ton. Did you do it with your hair wet or dry first?

  10. While it will clearly have nothing on S. Florida heat, as a New Englander myself I feel it's my duty to warn you that August is our one and only HOT month. You may get to wear long sleeves in the evenings, but you won't want boots *or* blazers during the day. It may feel cooler to you since you're coming from such a hot place – but I'm usually in sundresses and flipflops the whole month. Enjoy your vacation! 🙂 New England is truly gorgeous 🙂

  11. I'm trying the no heat curls tonight, yours came out super cute, I love it on short hair! Marlowe's facials are adorable!