Umm, hi… are you ready and overload of amazing links? The theme for this months large sponsors appears to be: Cutest babies or baby things in the whole entire freakin’ world. Seriously. There is too much cuteness and awesomeness going on in this post. I’m posting this on a friday, in hopes that: all weekend long you would be able to peruse these incredible sponsor links (your welcome). Be sure to show them lots of love, they really deserve it! Happy weekend everyone!! Enjoy! 🙂

Need cute hairpins and accessories for you, your kiddo, or some other adorable kiddo you might know? If yes, then be sure to check out Up a Tree Cup a Tea! All pins and accessories are made out of recycled and repurposed materials. All baby clips are made with ribbon to cover any metal for easier and softer clipping to fragile baby heads 🙂 And seriously, these bows cure all bad days. You can’t be angry if you or your fussy kid has a bow on your head. It’s a fact, trust me. I’m dying over the little Jemma set right now! Too cute!  
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Yellow Finch Designs. Elizabeth: mama to three. Loves: good food. Designs: jewelry.Rocks out to hippie music like: Phish. Other than the Phish thing, me and Elizabeth could be amazing real life friends. And seriously… how gorgeous is her newest addition, Jess? Ugh, too cute. Be sure to check out Elizabeth, her family, and her awesome green living, healthy living, life! 
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Barley & Birch

It’s not a secret how much we love Barley & Birch. They have been on the ohdeardrea sponsor train since month one. We love them and everything about them… from their shirts, staff, blog, to their eco-friendly practices. If you’re not on the Barley & Birch love train, then you are silly.
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I hate shopping. I’m not into fashion, but I love everything about shoes. Check out Vintage Shoe Love for some amazing new (to you) shoes, goods, baby things, and accessories. Lisa, owner of Vintage Shoe Love (now bff to me) is awesome. Supporting her love for vintage shoes helps support her stay-at-home mama life with the cutest full-head-of-hair baby in the world (other than M). 
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Do you like cute babies? Good food? And thrifting? Yes otherwise you wouldn’t be here 😉 Then you will love Cedar and her blog, The Vintage Wife. Follow along on her blog to see her adorable home life and big side-burned husband 😉 
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I love Rachael of Letters to Ames… or more commonly referred around here as: “Darth Vadar” (<– check my spelling I’m Star Wars illiterate) or “That crazy mom who had 3 boys and found out she was pregnant again… and realized she was having twin girls… yeah that one”. Mom. Three under three. Nurse. Cloth diapering. And total southern sweetheart.
Check out her blog, twitter, and facebook, “ya’ll”.  

Need vintage baby clothes? Awesome ones… that you don’t have to rummage for? Good… check out: Tiny Fox Vintage. Follow along on twitter for shop updates and more. Also, be sure to also check out shop owner, Annie’s blog: The Friendly Fox.