Pretty self explanatory, right? And adorable. And real. All around the cutest girl and good read. Be sure to stop by her BLOG
There’s exciting things happening over at Matt and Kara Adopt. They are preparing everything for new baby M, arriving end of September… from baby showers, to the cutest little clothes, to nursery prep! 🙂 Join them at their blog for their very exciting long awaited journey! 

Mo’ P”ease: Mama blog with not one, but three little girls! Down to earth. Real life. Lots of cuteness. 
Have you been following along? Her little baby girl if now 4 months and even more adorable. &Her recently posted wedding photos (from last year) are amazing! I love so much about them.  Be sure to check out her twitter and her blog. And as mentioned before, if you’re interested in cloth diapering, THIS post is a must read.
THE SHOP IT OPEN. Things I love:  this set, this dress, &the marlowe top. This was my favorite, it could not be more perfect, but of course someone snatched up already. Mandy is talking to me with all these flowery things. 


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