Marlowe, Nicole, and I checked out the beach today. The weather was awesome—- really hot (still), but better than it has been for sure. Our new beach tent was perfect. Big enough for a bunch of people, and hopefully long lasting for many many beach trips to come. It came in handy for the middle of the day downpour we have here in Florida.

And seriously… Marlowe in a bikini.. does it get any cuter? No. Even better? It was mine from when I was her age! Too much cuteness!

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  1. Oh my gosh!! I love love love these pictures.. Pretty! mama and adorable!! baybee!! You look really!! good.. I'm totally jealous!

    I wish it wasn't so hott here.. Hopefully soon it cools down, so we can take Letti to the beach for the first time!

    I must know.. Where did you get your suit!?


  2. SO so cute!!! And! I absolutely love your blanket in the tent, I have one very similar I got during a trip to Texas.

  3. drea, you guys are the cutest. both of yas. and i am glad to get the rundown on post baby boobs. mine are just plain huge right now and i thought i escaped this pregnancy without any stretchmarks but i doooo believe my right one has gotten them in the last few weeks. motherhood badge of honor, damn right!

  4. looking awesome mama 🙂

    for me, three kids later, two saggy boobs (thanks breastfeeding) and a butt that's ok…but i'm not complaining. i have three rockin kids 🙂 and it comes with the package called motherhood!

  5. Thanks guys <3

    @penelope:my figure is mostly due to my lifestyle and genetics, but post baby, mostly due to breast-feeding. I've actually blogged a bit about my breasts before. It's hard to say what my breasts will be like once I am done breast-feeding, but right now, I HATE them. They are all big, and very disproportionate. One is large and in charge and the other is quite a bit smaller (nipples and everything). I complain constantly about them. I tell myself they are a motherhood badge of honor, but their still pretty lousy compared to what they once were. I'm hoping post-breast-feeding they will level out to a more similar size, but I know to expect de-flatted balloons for breasts. But that's motherhood for you!

  6. Sooo SUTE. I just posted some of my little in a bikini…beach babies…can't get enough!

  7. You have a great figure. I know that must be due in large part to genes and healthy eating. But wow, I can't even tell that you had a baby just some months ago. I don't want to get too personal, and if it's not a question you feel comfortable in answering, I understand. Have you noticed a drastic change in your breasts? I have heard a lot of moms talking about how they lost their breast shape and how their butt seemed to slide right into the backs of their thighs, and I wasn't sure if was their way of putting fear in me (to worry about the future of my body), or if they're just recounting their own horrifying stories of the worst possible thing that happened during and after pregnancy. Not that I think that sagging boobs or a less defined waist is the worst possible thing that could happen to any woman, baby or not. I just want to know if I'm being prepped for the reality of life with/after baby or if I'm getting a lot of unsolicited advice that pertains to the person telling the story.

    I love your blog, btw. 🙂

  8. super adorable- you both are gorgeous and it looks like you guys had a blast. <3