Posts have been lacking. With traveling, and everything else going out these posts have been taking a back seat. I have a few posts planned, but they take more time and energy than is available. Food around here has been ridiculous lately. I can’t even tell you the amount of calories I’ve been taking in, it’s been a lot, and I am forever grateful that it doesn’t show. Marlowe and I have been eating through our food reserves like it’s nobodies business. These posts will pick up again soon.

I found THIS blog recently (via bleubird vintage), and I am in love. I am not a huge breakfast eater myself, nine our of ten times I am eating leftovers from the night before, but regardless, this blog is amazing.



I’m dying over this image. I’ve had an egg craving for over a month now. The vegan in me is torn and confused. Even while a vegetarian, I had a hard time eating eggs. As an ingredient? I was happy and fine. As the star of a meal? Not so much. I’ve been asked many times about my thoughts and feelings on eggs… my answer is the same. I don’t think it’s a necessary part of my diet, considering I can find the nutrition an egg offers me elsewhere and I’d prefer to not have the cholesterol. But…. if I had my own hens, I’d consider eating them. I’ve been so tempted to give them a shot lately, but the better part of me knows that I would sit with a beautiful plate of eggs in front of me and cringe at the thought of digesting it.  We’ll see what happens, but for now I should probably avoid beautiful images like these… because they certainly don’t help my battle.
While scrolling through pages of simply breakfast, I found this video:
It put such a huge smile on my face. It’s no secret between friends and family that I am overly obsessed with good bread. I love the bread itself and the time and work that goes into it. It’s a beautiful thing. I’m slowly working on my fear of dough…. one day it will happen. It needs to happen, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be able to make (really good fantastic delicious) bread.
Speaking of bread, I have some stale bread leftover. I think this calls for some bread soup tonight!
recipe: HERE
Happy Weekend everyone!
ps. while writing this post (after I had already titled it and everything) I got a phone call:
– “what are you doing?”
– “blogging”
– “about what?”
– “bread”
– “and your obsession with it?”
– “yes actually!”


  1. I agree with Kathleen! Tartine is amazing. Their story, their bread, their fresh fruit bavarian cake! so perfect.

    My husband bought their book as well. He wanted the family to learn and make bread together. He loved the idea of making and laboring over something, waiting patiently and breaking that bread together. We have yet to try it, but the experience sounds pretty dreamy to me!

  2. @lydia: that's almost as clever as my smooshed "flat bread" I would eat as a child. 😉

    @katie: Not potato with cinnamon? Either way, I could go for some right now.

    @lizzie: JEALOUS. Dream life. &Raoul is lucky, but you know this 🙂

    @Melissa: we will get hens and break veganism together.

    @Ashley: I owe it to genetics and my teething breast-feeding child.

    @yellow finch: this comment is unrelated: phish sticks.

    @Kathleen: STOP IT. YOU ALREADY KNOW I WANT TO COME OUT THERE. I'm sending you my dress, you send me bread. thanks.

    @jordan: dooo it! Let me know what you think!

  3. TARTINE IS THE BEST BAKERY on the west coast. my aunt lives next door to tartine (18th and Guerrero) and whenever we visit we wake up and make our way over there for morning buns (rolled croissants with orange peel, brown sugar and BUTTER). The line is always out of the door but is worth the wait. I bought their cook book and made their croissants & morning buns. It took 3 days to make, letting the dough rise 8-12 hours like the video said but oh-my-good-god. amazing. come to california, i'll take you tartine 🙂

  4. yes! i love bread!!! i could never ever ever give it up, especially good bread. we have a local bakery the uses all organic ingredients and it rocks.

    i didn't eat eggs while i nursed josh and had a hard time. i do like my eggs. we buy locally from a friend who raises hens so i can't complain!

  5. I'm vegan too-and I often have the egg craving. I used to love eggs-and I think that if I had my own hens it may be a possibility that I would eat them again. Sometimes I wonder if it's because it's a comfort food?

  6. my grandfather was a baker and my whole family, including myself are obsessed with bread. i love it so much! on the eggs tip, i make them for raoul most mornings but can't eat them after my second pregnancy. dairy is now really disgusting. and my kids love milk. i can't stand the smell!
    have a lovely weekend! xoxo!

  7. i love bread, too!
    when i was little i would just eat slices of bread for snacks.
    i would roll them up into little balls + i called them "bread balls." clever, i know. : )