My dog hates me. HATES me. I’m really not sure what to do at this point. He’s no longer the center of attention and well, he hates it. There’s always a baby trying to feed him paper or snacks and then he’s being yelled at to not eat the baby’s food…. half an hour later he’s being told to go pick up the crumbs with no apology for the confusion we are creating in his brain. No more food and water sitting on the floor to walk up to whenever he pleases. And of course: no more tennis ball to play with. Baby hands think bright yellow tennis balls belong to her and dog mouth doesn’t know the difference between baby hands and neon fuzz. Ten hour naps? Nope. A bed? Not uh. The new royalty of the house has claimed it as her own.

He scratches and bites at his butt for hours on end until it’s bright, hairless, and pink. Nerves, I’m sure. I’ve tried separating the two, with hopes for a break for the old man, but of course… he wants to be part of the action… just not part of the baby action and attention.

He was at Michelle’s house for five days. Five days of a doggy vacation and he was brought back with a butt full of newly grown in hair…. Three days back in my home and he’s bald again. Marlowe is driving him mad. And his hair everywhere… it’s driving me mad. This week? He refuses to eat. Not dog food and not even human food (especially prepared for him) or scraps from my cooking… nothing except some scraps from Marlowe’s highchair. He hates us all, and well, can you blame him? Poor dog.

part of the problem: 
m loves j
m loves jm loves j
He’s a pain in my butt. And Marlowe is a pain in his butt… but what can I do…. lady baby lovessss him.

edit: I just noticed the song that happened to be playing in the background of the video and how perfectly it fit. Very nice accident. 


  1. Hi, I know this post is old but i was just going through your blog (in a very un-stalker like fahion i may add…) looking at your recipes for inspiration and came across this post.
    Don't know if you still have the doggy problem, but our cat did the same thing when I had my baby tearing huge chunks out of her furry neck. Not nice. She is super allergic to fleas anyway but it got a tonne worse when baby arrived. Anyway i got a plug in thing called 'feliway' which seemed to help loads.
    think they do a dog version too.

  2. That video is the cutest thing ever! Our 4 month old is just discovering her love of our dog, Olive. I can only imagine what will happen when she becomes more mobile!

  3. Does he bother his butt less when there is another dog around? My guess is another dog = more company for him + a distraction from M

    Of course, another dog ALSO = a huge commitment. If it works you could look into fostering a dog if the thought of adopting another one is too overwhelming.

    Can you borrow one of his canine friends full time for a week and see if the problem improves?

  4. Poor puppy 🙁 I'm so glad we don't have any pets right now.. we were about to get a dog when I found out I was expecting!

  5. Don't feel bad my dog started balding and licking and picking once I became pregnant the first time. Then once the baby was here he lost more hair, now he is half bald/thining from the neck down. He gets stressed by the baby, and the baby loves to follow him around all the time. Now I'm pregnant again he will most likely turn into a hairless dog.

  6. Oh my goodness, that video is so adorable, I couldn't even focus on a solution for the dog's butt problem!! Too much sweetness, I love her little laugh!!

  7. @idesign: jerry is REALLY sensitive to fleas.. one and he goes nuts.. but nothing changed at michelles.. just 5 blocks down.. same bedding, crate, and everything.. no extra baths, nothing… and it all cleared up.

    @katie: he did a little bit of butt picking here and there before M… but its 300% worse now.

    @rae veda: come and get him!

    @jen: def. nerves! Marlowe would drive me nuts if I were him too. I get it.

    @kristin: it's not his glands… and yes… doggy gland expelling is downright nasty.

    @kara: he goes even more nuts. I kept him in my room and M in the living room and he just cried at the door wanting to come back out. He cant win!

    @sugardrive: poor pets, indeed!

  8. Our poor doggy is very upset with our new additions too. 🙁 Our cat too…in fact, our cat pulls his hair off the base of his tail. Poor pets.

  9. Aw Jerry! He is such a cute dog and of course he loves your lady baby!

    Some thoughts – Is there a way to keep her out of the doggie bed so he has a place to rest/relax away from her if necessary? I wonder if you could move it to your bedroom and put up a baby gate or something? I'm sure you have already tried that. 😉

  10. ok, this is sure to be the nastiest comment i've ever left… but alas….

    have you tried having his anal glands expelled? it's apparently a very common need in dogs. my little bayley has to have it done every few months. and since it bothers them so much, they eat the hair off their butt and legs to try to get to the hurt. We were totally baffled when she started eating the hair off her legs and butt, and when we took her to the vet, she knew right away that her anal glands were full.

    good luck, and feel better jer!!

  11. my dog did a similar thing and it turned out she had flea allergy dermatitis. and she didn't even have a flea on her, the vet found 1 spec of "flea dirt" that she said she got from going on walks. your pup might just be super allergic like mine, Chloe takes a pill now once a month and her bald little itchy butt is back to normal.