hair bow c/o: up a tree cup a tea mouse romper c/o: little reader vintage

Almost one year old. Holy crap. It’s funny how yesterday I was discussing my favorite age of baby/kid life and within hours she seemed like she had reached a whole other level of kid-hood. Maybe it is a one day phase, or maybe it’s a new stage, but yesterday she decided: boobs are out and spinach pies are in. She also decided: being held? LAME, while: walking/running everywhere alone? The only way to do things anymore (obviously). This kid is not a baby. She began walking only two days after turning ten months old… and now, she is a toddler and an expert walker to the max. I thought she would still be crawling at eleven months (even a little bit), but no, she’s not. There is no more crawling in this home anymore. This month has been full of: teething, hair growth, new food, shoe stealing, dog loving, co-sleeping, (almost) no napping, spitting, dancing, and giggles. She’s a beautiful, stubborn, shy, cuddly, and happy little girl. I’m sad to see her grow so fast, but also excited too. Because even those little moments when she is sitting there eating a sandwich (like a real big kid) are amazing and keep me looking forward to the future and all the fun that awaits us ahead. Keep the good times coming!

By the way: How cute is her ensemble?! And she napped (for 20 minutes)?!! And how patient is my dog (OMG)?!?!


  1. she's so beautiful. and almost one? are you like, 'holy crap where did the last year go'

    i saw this quote recently about parenting– the days are long but the years are short.

    depressing sort of. blahhhh.

  2. I LOVE this outfit! Whitney is so sweet and has the cutest little treasures on her shop!

    today at our friends house Luna chased around two cats and a dog all over the place. i felt bad for them, they were so annoyed!

    i can't believe she's gonna be ONE next month!! are you ready for that?!

  3. I love how much your love for this little girl shines through on everything you write about her. Lucky baby, lucky Mama.