The past few weeks have been flying by and last night was a good opportunity to meet up with my lovely friends before this crazy approaching weekend. There’s not much planned for tonight or tomorrow night (there never is), but luckily hurricane Irene is no longer heading in our direction and the big birthday bash scheduled for Saturday will still be taking place. Three people turning thirty (Eric, Kristine, Cassie). There is a 65 foot blow up slip and slide, a whole pig being roasted (blegh), and of course a keg of good (not crappy) beer (not that I’ll really be drinking anyway. I am sooo not a day drinker and I have a baby to take care of— duh), swimming, and hopefully lots of sun. Sunday, Alex moves back to south Florida. Yeah, life is changing very quickly for Marlowe and I… and everything will be very different after this weekend.

Last night was just what we needed: good quality girl time. It so happens that tomorrow is Kristine’s birthday, and I owe Michelle pizza… (and I’m always craving pizza anyway…) so it just made sense for all of us to meet at Pizza (obviously). It was quite a different pizza experience from before. I hadn’t been there in over a month (since around the time M was figuring out how to walk)… and boy what a difference a month makes. Now there is not much sitting and holding… just a tiny little bit of sitting and a whole lot of chasing. I guess this is what I can expect my dinner outings to be like for a very long time. Oh well. Either way, lady pizza time was great and Marlowe was most definitely (and obviously) adorable! You will find very few photos of friends and one too many photos of Marlowe on this post! You’ve been warned! 🙂
I bought Kristine a panda shower cap to match my mouse one.
bow c/o: up a tree cup a tea. mouse romper c/o: little reader vintage
Just like mama: she prefers the sauce <3
Those top teeth! So soon!
mamas shoes c/o: vintage shoe love
baby’s shoes: tiny vans, a gift from the owner of pizzeria
SO excited! Kinda crazy excited…
And this crazy in her very stylish birthday dinner outfit :/


  1. this outfit is scandalous!! hehe. 🙂 she's so great. i love the one where the plant is right behind her head like a fan!

  2. I love, love, looooove the pictures of you and Marlowe eating pizza and looking at the camera. They are totally frame worthy and so freakin' adorable!

  3. to be fair, you called me when i was walking into the gym! Thanks for the birfday dinner, panda cap and fruit roll-up! I had it today and it was delish. <3

  4. Goodness! That margarita pizza (if that's even what it is!) looks so good! 😮

    She's so stinkin' cute. I love her little eyelashes!