It’s almost almost September and time to set up sponsors! Have you seen our sponsors this month? They are fantastic and only get better every month! 🙂 

September will be HUGE! Marlowe turns one! Where did the time go, right? Jeez. Unlike most mamas I have not planned a big bash, yet… or maybe I wont. (but I probably will). Who knows. The weather is becoming gorgeous once again in Florida and the frequent outings will slowly be returning. Also returning? Marlowe’s father. Yep, he’s moving back to South Florida, September first. The whole parenting dynamic is definitely going to be quite an adjustment, but most likely, and hopefully, it will all be for the better. And who knows the trouble Miss Marlowe and I will be getting into now that she’s a walking machine. It’s sure to be an adventurous month, full of surprises, and a great month to sponsor our little, growing blog. 
If you’re interested in sponsorship, check out the sponsor page for a few more details, or go ahead and email me for more information!
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