If you follow me on twitter or facebook, then you’ve already seen this, but this is way too cute to pass up!

Seriously, I can’t get enough. 11 months old and she is already a dancing queen! Love her. 
again, happy weekend! 
&good luck and safe-keeping to everyone in the path of the storm! <3


  1. Wow she's the cutest little girl I have ever seen. Your little dancing queen. Simply amazing. 🙂

  2. I saw this on facebook last night and showed it to my daughter, SHE LOVED IT! She laughed and danced along… so we turned on the same song on our record player… NOTHING! She just wanted to dance with Marlowe! haha 🙂

  3. This is the cutest thing in the WORLD! Your girl loves her some Beatles! Good taste, Marlowe! She is truly amazing. I thought the walking at 10 months was outstanding. Now, she breaks out these moves?! Whoa! She blows me away with how absolutely adorable she is, Drea! xo