Did anyone fancy up for bed just in case (and in hope) of Oprahs arrival? I pretty much just have been putting an effort into at least wearing a “house bra”… and um.. I’m trying to put all my 8 year old ribbed tank tops into an “use sparingly— only as needed” pile. Errr, I guess thats it. But it’s a good start.

Last night (and the day of previously mentioned surprise):

What did you wear to bed?

edit: I got a text from Lisa, who said she pouted when she looked down and realized she was wearing a 5 year old ribbed tank. Lets be real here, really old ribbed tanks, no bras, and underwear are awesome. AWESOME. Just not Oprah friendly!


  1. My nips are the same size but I'm with ya on the lopsided-ness. I would like to say mine is all post baby but that would be a lie.

  2. As I finished reading this I considered that I am in fact in a tank top (tonight's is not ribbed, but it is stretched out all right) and underwear. Not even matching. gasp!

  3. @The Prairie Hen: if you saw my rack, you would not be jealous. Left breast: at least a cup and a half (maybe two) larger. They are lopsided like whoa post-baby. I'm jealous of my pre baby rack. I'm jealous of yours (though I've never seen it) because I bet your nipples are the same size, unlike mine.

  4. ha! I should sleep in my old tanks. I usually wear nothing and then have to scramble for a robe or shirt on the floor if Lilly wakes in the night. PS- I am insanely jealous of your rack. Is that weird to say?

  5. @deanna: I love wearing t-shirts, but M is so demanding with breast-feeding. Also, I pretty much NEED a bra. I feel 100% less productive without one on.

    @katie: I never match. Matching is not key. POWER CLASHING.

    @brenda: YES! Ive noticed I want to feel prettier now that I've had M. Even if it's just a bit of lace here and there it seems to make a huge difference. Even if no one sees it but her!

    @Jen: a few people have mentioned this to me. I might have to check it out. I think Oprah would approve.

    @mallory: Well, it helps that you're gorgeous! 🙂 I miss sooo much being able to throw my hair up on a bun on top of my head!

    @sarbear: tried it. Cant do it. I dont know why, just not a nude sleeper! But, *high five*!

    @b: couldnt agree more. Support of some sort. Always.

    @helitrope: yeah, I dont really have formal pj's here. The shorts might be sleep shorts, but they've got pockets so I'm unsure. Pj-ing at someone elses huse is always more complicated.

    @dani: keep oprah waiting and let me know how it goes.

    @ashley: lol. awesome!

  6. oh lord….I hope Oprah NEVER comes to my house! ha!

    Well…I actually really hope she does! Can I keep her waiting??

  7. Not a fan of formal pajamas or sleep sets. I find them kinda silly. Usually it's take clothes off and get into bed. Mens boxers and white tank tops are comfey sometimes or if we sleep at someone's house…lounge pants and a tank.

  8. it very much depends on my mood and the weather…if it is hot very little, if it is cold serious flannel pjs. mostly however it is my underwear and a vest (with built in support, a must), the pj pants tend to be worn primarily for lounging purposes


  9. ha. uhoh. If anyone wakes me up they'll be seeing everything because I usually sleep in nothing.

  10. I seriously look at myself in the mirror before bed and can not figure out how my husband could possibly find me attractive. Haha I'm not kidding. I put my hair up into a bun on the top of my head, and I usually wear an old tee shirt and pajama pants or boxers. I need to work on this…

  11. I really like Gilligan & O Malley at Target for sleepwear. A lot of their pajama tops are so pretty I almost *want* to wear them during the day with jeans – and I'm pretty sure if I did, most people wouldn't know the difference. With a pair of black silky pajama bottoms, I'm pretty sure I'm all set for Oprah's arrival!

  12. I used to wear whatever shirt I had on that day and just underwear but
    I got into the habit of wearing nice chemises (fancy word for nightgown, basically) after Charlie was born because I felt like such a slob on those no shower days. Wearing a fancy chemise made me feel a little better. Plus, they're so easy to nurse in.

  13. i sleep in whatever i wore that day, which is usually gym shorts and a tank or concert tee. (if i stayed at home. obviously not if it was a jeans and a sweater day.) but i never put on a bra if i'm at home. that's a rule.