First of all, Happy August! Secondly, have you checked out our new August sponsors? You should, they are all amazing, &so many are very close to my heart. Good reads and good shops.As mentioned, there has ben a lot of “life” going on. Personal events and details that will be kept off the blog— at least for now. I’ve been a busy mama and not very active on the blog…. unfortunately (fortunately for me), I won’t be very active this week either. Miss Marlowe and I have trip to Massachusetts set up for Wednesday to Sunday.

tee-shirt c/o: barley & birch

M’s walking is a real and daily thing now. Chasing the poor and very patient dog back and forth and round and round. Food in hand– circling each room in the house in an attempt to be closer to the fleabag. jerry runs away and comes quickly back around for every miss-bite of food. They are a good team and great at keeping each other busy.

I mentioned M’s father would be in town, well he is, and he was. His flight leaves back to New York tonight. Normally his visits are three days at a time— this time one week. Next time? There is no visit next time…. well,  because, he moves back. Its permanent. This is what he says anyway—- but for me, nothing is real until it happens. If this past visit was any indication of how things will be with his return— then everything should be fine. This visit brought A LOT of sleep for Marlowe. Her nap time has been increasing this past month anyway– but with him here she took up to three naps a day. I’m not sure how he does it, but he is good at calming her down to sleep. And just about every time I left my home and returned, she was fast asleep with him. I’m crossing my fingers that this continues. Alex and I had many parent talks— future choices, options, and possible decisions. Schools in the area, doctor visits, and (most importantly): food talks (remember…. he’s not vegan).

This week feels like one really large blur. Not seven or eight days— but one tremendously long day. I’m tired and hormonal (thats mom-life, isnt it?). &I just want life to return to normal, but instead, Marlowe and I will be leaving in two days and it feels like our “normal” will not be here any longer when we return. For the rest of the week I have packing and trip planning, shipments, and cleaning, and of course lots of clapping, dancing, walking baby time. I look forward to this trip ahead, visiting family and friends, and the many adventures that await miss Marlowe and I.

Photos from this past week:
watermelon gazpacho
african themed mobile
shopping with michelle. tacos with eric.
art for baby from m’s father (to match my very faded tattoo). passed out.
flowers for mama. &no heat curls for an important date with Kristine.
family talks at pizzeria. coffee and lunch with the ladies.
soup making. roasted vegetable bread salad.
morning naps. morning breakfast (by michelle).

always in the dog bed.


  1. Love Love LOVE you no-heat curls. I' haven't had as much luck.

    Totally jealous that Baby M is walking when my little dude James, has no interest.

  2. I just came across your blog, and I have to say, after reading your last post, that I didn't even notice your child was chewing on a starbucks straw! I can never get over how rude people are when they're using a computer. I would bet that most of them don't have the audacity to say something like that to a stranger in real life. Kudos to you for no apologies.

  3. I want to live next to you so that I can come cook and eat with you guys <3 the roasted vegetable bread salad looks amazing. sheesh.

    and fyi your flippin gorgeous. those curls are fabulous.

  4. Thank you everyone! <3<3<3<3

    @jordan marie: bum genius. Yeah, you just insert the filling into the pocket and voila! thats it 🙂

  5. Coming over from Bridget's blog. I love your parenting style and design style and all of that good stuff. I'm definitely adding you to my feed! I'm a breastfeeding, babywearing, sometimes co-sleeping, cloth diapering, busy mama to a super bossy, and sweet, 2 year old. And, your daughter is exceptionally adorable!

  6. Loved reading about you and your adorable Marlowe. New follower here…you are just as adorable as Marlowe, for the record.

  7. I just found your blog from Bridget's. I enjoyed your post over there as well as this one. Your daughter is darling. Best of luck on your trip!

  8. What a milestone! I am so happy for you and little Miss M. She is a doll and so are you. Have a wonderful time in Mass!!

  9. Oh, my gosh. I love the okapi! Your mobiles are so cute! I read through Google Reader, so don't comment often, but could not resist telling you how adorable that little okapi was! (And Marlowe, and yourself, too!)

  10. I'm sure this is written someone, but if you don't mind me asking.. What brand are those white diapers.. are they pocket style?
    I am using disposables right now, but wanting to switch and can't figure out what direction to go.
    Thanks, J.

  11. Wow. Sounds like a full plate. My daughter's father had a way of slowing her down and bringing her to sleep easier than I ever did. Must be a "daddy" vibe thing. Sounds like everything is good…So I won't worry too much about 'cha and the elusive nature of what you are keeping from your dear friends/readers here! LOL
    Hope his move back is true and beneficial to all involved. Wondering if you feel "confused" again by all of this…I know I would/did with all matters concerning J's father. Well, have a great trip. Peace & many blessings to you and Marlowe. Love, C.

  12. Aww that's exciting that she is walking now! Alyson is almost walking now. She just gets scared to lol. Also I hope you have a great time in Massachusetts!!

    Oh Jazmyn