This month is slipping past me. I want to slow time down a bit… but I obviously cant. I’ve spent many hours this past week cleaning house—- minimizing junk and maximizing space. I debated on yard sales, shop my closets, and all of those things people do to get rid of stuff, but make money. I ended up letting Kristine come by and pick through things before sending everything off in one large haul to goodwill. But I still spend everyday wondering what else I can give away and what else I can live without. A book, shirt, or kitchen item will pop up here and there. I need to get rid of more more more. I’m addicted to cleansing.

Marlowe turns one in nine days. That is ridiculous. Tonight I will prepare decorations for a small family based birthday party for her. This weekend I will go through her toys to try to further weed through the junk.

Life has been good around here. Actually, it’s been very good. I’m tired, there are always more tasks that need to be accomplished, and the house is never clean enough, but I am happy. Very happy.

I’m jealous of all the “sweater weather” posts I’ve been seeing! Don’t forget to contact me for october sponsorship. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and a very happy anniversary to my mom and step-father! Enjoy your weekend getaway!

PS. Marlowe has taken on cleaning… all by herself. Oh genetics, you are funny.


  1. marjorie: craigslist always seems to fail me in South Florida. Nothing I ever want or need. Worked great in AZ, though. I couldn't agree more with possessions being possessive!

    @rj and jessie: thank you 🙂

  2. I'm the same way with cleaning! I sell a lot of stuff on Craig's list, sell clothes to consignment/resale stores and donate whatever doesn't sell. I don't like a lot of "stuff," I feel like possessions can become possessive.