I don’t care much for fads… music, fashion, food fads… they all come and go. I rarely know what’s cool anymore… but right now, I know: food trucks are in. I also know: I am pretty freakin’ happy about this current food fad going on.  Cupcakes? PFT. Donuts? WHATEVER. Food trucks? BRING IT ON.

There was a “food truck frenzy” in West Palm yesterday. Why they chose a very busy shopping center to host a food truck convention…. I have no idea. It was crowded and parking was ridiculous. Luckily Alex and I got there about 30 minutes too early. We met up with Laura, then Michelle. A vegan soul food truck from Miami was there… so of course within five minutes Laura (also vegan) and I darted towards the truck and overloaded/indulged/food-coma-ed on soul food. I bought three meals, cause well… we’ve all got to indulge in crap every once in while… it keeps us human. The mac and cheese? Mine is so much better. The fried green tomatoes? Good… but better with hot sauce (a lot of it). The bbq “pulled pork” jack fruit sandwich? Tasty tasty. I’ve been wanting to make one of these for years… but haven’t been adventurous enough… also… jackfruit isn’t exactly the easiest to find (even here in south Florida). We ate a lot. Walked around. Switched off a cranky, tired baby and ended the night waiting 40 minutes in line to buy pork belly (or butt?) for Michelle and kimchi spring rolls for Alex and I.
It was a hot, sweaty, and delicious evening.

oh yeah… so.. the line for the vegan truck… sooo long. The only place “vegan” was written was nice and small at the very top of the menu. Sooo many carnivores waiting in line for soul food not knowing it was vegan. Ha. This totally pleased me.
teething tired baby is serious…. and determined to get food.


  1. @amanda blair: Things are going incredibly well 🙂 Any of the problems that we fought about before he has worked to fix… we are both very happy with out decision. 🙂

  2. This sounds amazing! Wish the only vegan truck around here from Chicago came to Milwaukee more…

  3. The food truck fad looks so fun! And yummy!! That last picture of Marlow and her dad is so sweet!

  4. We're slow to catch on to fads in good old GA (especially in the 'burbs) but please can we get some food trucks???

  5. Looks delish and so exciting they had a vegan food truck! They don't have any here in NYC which seems crazy.

    Hey, not to be too nosy but I was curious as to how things are working out with Alex? You've mentioned your guys's rocky past and now that he's back in your life. I was just curious if it's going well? I hope so! Again, sorry to be nosy.