Happy Friday everyone! I’m leaving you this friday with one of our lovely sponsors, Johanna! She’s from Up a Tree, Cup a Tea… and well… you read the post! She’s got some great advice! And a fantastic shop top check out! <3<3<3


Hello! I’m Johanna Jorgensen, owner of the little sewing and vintage resale business Up a Tree, Cup a Tea Co. I’m one of Drea’s Sponsors and volunteered to do a little guest post while she and M are on vacay! (hehe– I’m running behind! -drea)

I started my little business with an Etsy shop in January 2010 and since then have branched out and now I do craft shows and festivals pretty regularly. I live in Jacksonville, FL and am finishing up my last year of my BA in Education.

The best thing about all my items is that they’re made out of vintage and repurposed materials! I’m all about reusing and my little business brings my love of sewing and recycling together. Everything except the metal alligator clips and pin backings are vintage and repurposed. The thread, felt, buttons fabric, elastic….all of it is repurposed or vintage!


Above: Little Marlowe 2-pack! Made especially for Little M! You can get the same pack of bows on Etsy! I’ll stop listing them when I run out of these fabrics & yarn color.

A question that I get all the time is…”How do you find some many vintage fabrics, buttons, and supplies?!” So that’s what I’m going to write a little about today.

There are three main places that I get my supplies from…

1. Estate Sales – This is honestly where about 60% of my supplies come from. I spend some Saturday and Sunday mornings scouring estate sales. I have purchased more sewing boxes full of thread, elastic, needles, pins, etc. than I can count. I usually find lots of vintage fabric and lace at these sales as well. Some people may think that buying things from estate sales is morbid, but I prefer to think about it in a positive light –you’re helping out a family. To find Estate Sales in your area check out The Estate Sale Network and put in your zip code to find sales in your area. Some companies only list their Estate Sales on their websites or through newsletters. Check the newspaper, Craigslist, or just Google it! I would recommend going on the last day of any estate sale to take advantage of a pretty hefty discount!

2. Thrift Stores – This is where around 20% of my items come from. Some thrift stores have a really great craft section. One that I frequent in the Jacksonville area is The Jax Humane Society Thrift Store. Many thrift stores have craft and sewing supplies you may just have to hunt for it! I use many curtains and flat sheets that are in good shape as fabric as well.

3. Flea Markets – The last 20% of my supplies come from local Flea Markets. Sometimes people rent out booths to get rid of things and you can get some great deals. But just like thrift stores, you’re going to have to hunt!

I really enjoy searching for fabrics and truly having a “green” business. Oh and just FYI all my fabrics, lace, etc are washed before I make anything out of them!

I love that my creations are one of a kind and use vintage materials. I also really enjoy doing custom orders.

Check out my shop, Tumblr, and Facebook Page for more info and updates!

Oh and follow me on Twitter! @upatreecupatea

Happy Friday!


  1. so excited to see someone from jacksonville. i love her stuff, really my fave sponser so far. and i live up here! i just wish my [step]daughter would wear freakin bows in her hair!!! GRRRR.

  2. Nice job Jo! Had a great time checking out the estate sales with you and Dane.