As mentioned yesterday, we were rained out on Sunday for Marlowe’s party. This would have been not so bad, if we hadn’t already hung all the decorations and set 90% of the table!

This was the only picture I took before the rain…. on my phone. No real pictures. No details. Just one photo. There were hanging decorations everywhere and paper chains spanning the length of the deck. There was a a canvas tarp hung to diffuse the sun. The tricycle was decked out with gifts and balloons. It was beautiful. My mom kept saying: “What a good team the two of you make! You’re such a good team!” and it’s true. While Michelle and my mom worked incredibly hard inside, taking turns to entertain a baby while setting up, Alex and I manned the deck. Even in the simple details of table setting, he trusts me, and I trust him to make something look beautiful. Really, the four of us made a great team. Our similar, but different styles (and quick thinking), were able to bring together something that ran smoothly and looked like a dream party.
Then the rain suddenly came. Not at full force, and so we decided we would cover the table with some fabric and just wait. We planned to dry things off, and have everything be okay in twenty minutes. Then the rain really came. POURING. The chain links began to break, the banner letters tore, the balloons began to sink and the cups and plates overfilled with water. There were puddles throughout the already set table.
My brother being as amazing as he is, &knowing how upset I was, offered to sit outside in the pouring rain and “enjoy the party” so I could snap a photo. He was then given beer as a “thank you”.
All the guests had arrived at this point. Marlowe was inside being passed around and played with. Alex and Michelle were being super chefs in the kitchen. And I was running around like a crazy person trying to take care of all the loose ends. Once the rain slowed, we started ringing out the cloths and dumping water out of the dishes. We moved the coffee table and tent into the bedroom, blocked the front door with the couch and re-set the table inside.
In a matter of moments everything was ready to go again. The decorations were left outside.  The linens were all soaked and we used panels of fabric to cover the table. We dried Marlowe’s crown and sat her at the head of table with a birthday muffin in hand.
We began serving food. Everything vegan, minus an egg dish.
(my plate)
wonder woman, Michelle.
After our pancake breakfast we sat around together. Marlowe slowly ripped open her gifts and ran around.
An adorable shoeless mess. Soaking wet crown. Curly cue hair. And a strawberry stained dress.
Jerry hugs.
After we said goodbye to all our guests….
Marlowe was tired (very tired) and attempted (but did not succeed) to steal my coffee.
She ended her party in the best of ways… outside on the messy, soaking wet, un-used party deck. Being rocked under the clear sky by her grandmother. She then napped for about two and half hours straight, passed out naked on mama’s bed.

The day was wonderful. I had a back-up plan for the rain— unfortunately my back up plan did not include “what to do if it begins to rain AFTER everything is set up”. But regardless, everything worked out. With a few close friends and family, Marlowe had a great day filled with a lot of fun and a lot of delicious food. So many decorations made by Michelle and myself. And so many other details purchased by my mother (who flew down from Massachusetts!) for the event. While my mom and I prepped much of the food the night and morning before, Michelle and Alex really did most of the grunt work in the very hot kitchen the hour prior to serving. The party really wouldn’t have been what it was without the three of them. Marlowe is so lucky to have people that love and care so much for her, in her life. It’s never about any of the material things or the gifts that are given to her… she has everything she needs right here— everything that is truly important in raising a happy and healthy centered person. It really is just so incredible how much unconditional love, support, and time this little girl has from her (and my) family and friends. She is so lucky. I can’t wait for her to grow up, and look back on all these important moments of her childhood and see the love that has always been here for her.

(In case you didn’t get enough, see more photos: HERE… &I keep adding more photos… oh dear)




  1. Hi. I know I'm…oh, just shy of a year late but, I'm party planning for my gals 2nd birthday and we are going to have the same table setup and I'd love it if you'd share where you got those badass placemats. They are quite awesome. Otherwise Moma might have to DIY something. Thank you 🙂

  2. effing rain. so pissed. but goodness what a cute party set up anyway. and all those matching chairs! how'd you pull that off? i am already dreaming of parker's first birthday- but also willing it away- cannot get here too soon- but ya know, dreaming of what it'll look like nevertheless.

  3. @mami: I'll see if Alex wants to do a recipe post 🙂 I don't know how to make any egg dishes, I just prepped the potatoes and onions 🙂

  4. This looked absolutely stunning!!! What a beautiful party and group of people 🙂

    Can't imagine what her sweet 16 party will look like! haha 😉

  5. even in the rain, the decorations looked amazing! you throw one heck of a party, one for Marlowe to remember for sure <3

  6. Even with the downpour it looks like an amazing and fun birthday party. "An adorable shoeless mess. Soaking wet crown. Curly cue hair. And a strawberry stained dress." Sounds like confirmation of a great day! I love the idea of doing pancakes.

  7. That is SUCH a bummer about the rain! Everything still looked beautiful though, and I'm glad you still managed to have a good time!

  8. This post made me cry – happy tears. So much love surrounding a precious little girl. So happy that you had a beautiful day (despite the rain). Happy Birthday Marlowe!

  9. Ahhh! What a tragedy! It was so gorgeous outside! It's lovely inside too though. 🙂

    Your brother is awesome lol.

  10. This is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen – what an adorable little lady. Happy birthday, Marlowe! 🙂

  11. Everything looks so wonderful, despite it not being what you originally planned. You and your crew are superheroes. 🙂

    And that crown — how precious!

  12. I honestly think the mix match of your inside party is just as charming as your outside decorations.
    I love the fact that you gave your brother a beer for a reward for cheering you up. That is something my brother would do and that's exactly how I would reward him.
    All and all, it looks like everyone had an amazing time and it looks beautiful. Congrats on making it through the first year!

  13. What a nice b-day party!
    I love reading your blog, Marlowe is getting everyday more and more pretty.
    That Quiche looks amazing!! please post the recipe!
    Happy Birhtday Little angel!!!!!

  14. What a cute idea for the pancakes. And gosh, she just keeps getting cuter. I always love coming to your blog, baby girl is just so cute to look at not to mention you and your darling little home. Happy 1st Birthday!

  15. oh drea, i'm sorry it rained. but, what a great birthday party regardless.. i know how you felt when you were upset, you always want everything to be so perfect for the little ones. it's nice to see her day was just perfect. family and friends are all the matters.
    way to go mom and team.

  16. Despite the rain, it looked like it was a beautiful birthday party and she had a great time! (the decorations were beautiful!)