Marlowe turned one yesterday. Yes, one. This year has gone by at lightning speed. Each month that has passed, has been quick, but worth celebrating. I cannot imagine my life without Marlowe. She is my life and my world revolves around her. This life I have, is nothing I could have ever imagined, it is far better than any dream. Her joy brings me joy. &Her little tight gripped hugs are more valuable than gold. Happy birthday to my little babycakes. I hope you enjoyed your first year.
The party was wonderful. I’ll be posting pictures later. We were completely set up and rained out, but it still came together in the end. That’s just life, isn’t it? I would have been a fool to sit there and cry miserably about the rain. The rain was out of my hands. We made the best out of the situation, and everything worked out beautifully in the end 🙂

ps. Thank you thank you for all the birthday wishes! M had a great day!


  1. Happy birthday to the little one! I've really enjoyed what you've shared of your life. Congrats on being such an amazing mom to such a cute kid!

  2. happy birthday, pretty marlowe!

    i feel like i was just reading about when she was born. :-/ our babies are growing up too fast. but oh, she is the most beautiful little gal, ever.

  3. Oh that crown is just too much! And happy birthday to your beautiful little girl.

  4. I LOVE her crown. Happy Birthday Marlowe. She is such a sweet lil girl, and you are a wonderful Mama. I LOVE reading your blog, and check daily to see if a new post is up! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Marlowe!!!! She really has gotten cuter with each passing month. Hope y'all had a wonderful day.

  6. Drea, you look absolutely beautiful. I would have cried over the rain, too. 😛 Glad the party came together! Happy one year of being a mama!

  7. Happy birthday sweet girl!! I love her birthday crown! It's obvious your doing an amazing job as her mama! Congratulations on your first year of motherhood. Ya done good!