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Glass Half Full

Ilene. Teacher. Wife. Animal lover. Maker of yummy looking food. Beautiful picture taker. &Complete sweetheart. Check out her blog: HERE

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Brenda. Back again, sponsoring ohdeardrea with her lovely blog. Working mom to a pretty and chubby cheeked, five month old Charlotte. Loved this photo and jealous that I never tried it with M. Also, whenever I get an email asking about cloth diapers… I send them to Brenda’s POST on cloth diapers. Still one of the best cloth posts I’ve seen. 

Jordan and baby Scarlett. Nicest &sweetest ladies around. Check out Jordan’s Etsy Shop. Like them on Facebook. Follow on twitter. Check out her awesome photos: HERE. And of course, read her blog: HERE.
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Don’t forget: Use “OHDEAR” at checkout to receive 20% off your order!