Staycation! What! Yes! I had my first overnight out of the house without little M last week. With my mom in town, and Michelle’s very helpful hand, Alex and I were able to have a 12 hour vacation. Granted, it was only for 12 hours, and the hotel was 1.5 miles away from home…. but, still! It was amazing and much needed. We’ve both been giving our all and working very hard to make this relationship be the best it can possibly be. You know, happy parents make happy kids. I’d say, we’re definitely doing a very good job. It’s been everything it needs to be, plus more. 
We spent the evening at my home, with Marlowe, eating soup and bread…. I then packed up a little bag and we headed out on the town. We went to a secret spot of ours and then met some friends for drinks and some (but not much) dancing. We stopped for late night food to go and headed back to the hotel for much needed….. SLEEP! We woke up and spent the morning to ourselves, poolside, with no worries other than making it back by noon. 
need. more. now. (or soon)


  1. im so happy for you!
    time away with your partner is key when you have little ones, it totally resets your mood 🙂

  2. @david and elizabeth: When you go make sure you visit Exhale and ask for Michelle! She stupid amounts of nice. You can ask her to bake you cookies, and she totally will!

    @Rae Veda: you always have the nicest comments!

    @Nina C. + CO: Like you, I am a HUGE fan of love.

    @Allira: Yes, Eric was there. No, Alex wasn't. That has nothing to do with the present tense and future. I'm sorry you're unhappy that Eric and I broke up, but it's silly to think I would stay in relationship that is not working. This is real life and not some fairy-tale. Eric and I did not work out and mutually broke up. It is separate from Alex and I being together now. &Everyone is moving forward.

  3. Oh my goodness, my heart just breaks for Eric every time I see posts like this. He was there for you and for Marlow through your pregnancy and through nearly her first year of life, and Alex wasn't. He played you like a fiddle. And now poor Eric gets to see posts like this, of the bed you've slept in with Alex, of you and him together. It just honestly breaks my heart, I can't bear it.

  4. I'm so glad things are going well for you all. 🙂 Looks like a lovely little half day vacation. 🙂