Since Alex’s arrival over a week ago, he has been busy busy with long hours of work and other responsibilities. This past Sunday was his first day free from any of that and we took full advantage of that time available to try to spend a much needed, enjoyable, stress free day together. We decided to once again revisit Miami like we had a few months earlier during one of his visits. This time we made sure to leave at a much earlier hour to actually have time fully explore… not only the outside of Viscaya, but also the mansion itself. It was quite a different experience from last time. Marlowe was able to run throughout the grass, and would throw a fit at any attempt we made to carry her. She most likely enjoyed herself more, or at least seemed that way. And this time around, if someone were to ask for a photo and offer to return the favor, there wouldn’t be any awkward “no thank you’s” for a group shot together. It’s a lot easier to enjoy a day without awkwardness, hesitations, and when actually feeling like more of a family.
After Viscaya, we grabbed some pizza and made a stop at Sweat Records for vegan sweets (for me) and double shots of coffee (for Alex) before making the drive back home. It was a hot sweaty mess of a day together, but it was well spent, very much needed, and fun.

Marlowe explored the gardens
mama shoes c/o: vintage shoe love
After a few sweaty hours in the sun…. 
we stopped at Andiamo’s for pizza.
Marlowe read her favorite book.
&we shared a half cheese pizza. 
We stopped at Sweat Records, because I was obviously in need of a 4$ vegan s’more bar. (and as I am typing this I am remembering I also purchased a vegan chocolate bar that I forgot about… it’s waiting for me in my purse to be devoured in the morning. I would eat it now, but you know, it’s one am). 
push it real good. 


  1. I lived in South Florida up until just a few months ago and never made it to Vizcaya – I hoping to finally visit when I go to SoFL this November

  2. i feel like im becoming a broken record. but the pic of marlowe with the book. her eyelashes. holy crap! are you secretly putting latisse on her lashes?
    jk. but seriously, are you?

  3. That is one beautiful family photo. I am happy for you. The first time you went and posted pix I couldn't help but think, "now that looks like such a romantic place to visit." So glad you went back together and that it was different this time. Blessings to the three of you! xo