Roughly, four months ago, I wrote a long email to you, my dear readers, asking for your help. Well, here I am, again, to ask you for the very same favor. They have reset the count on topbabyblogs again and I need your help to get back to the top(ish). This time, just like last time, I promise/pledge/swear to never ever spam you with requests for your vote… not even once. No daily tweets, or facebook updates, or large banners at the bottom of every post under an adorable picture of my child’s face. ^^but, isn’t that picture ^ so freakin’ cute 😉

The past few months, I’ve honestly been astonished and dumbfounded (only in the best of ways) by your support. But more importantly, I’ve been ridiculous amounts of grateful. When I made the promise last reset to ask once (and only once) for your vote, I was nervous petrified that time would go by and no votes would come in…. but, no, that wasn’t the case. With your help and support, votes, and sharing: ohdeardrea was at number four—– higher then it’s ever before. Thank you. Really, from the bottom of my heart: thank you.

If you are new here, have been here from the beginning, are a reader of this blog, you like/love/and/or care for us, and want to support us: please take a second of your time to vote for us… once each day or as often as you can, because really, each vote counts. (The button will be on the side of the blog, like it’s always been.)

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Also, let me take this moment to say thank you, not just for your vote on topbabyblogs, but for your love and support, in general. I have connected the most amazing people through this thing, I’m so happy to have it be part of my life, and so incredibly enamored with all the good you guys have brought along with it. Every comment, tweet, email, all of it: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Drea & Marlowe

PS. I’m really excited for a new feature coming to the blog. A small feature, but something delicious that I really love 😉 Also, *diet water* will be back in service soon enough. It’s one of the most time consuming, internet based features on this blog…. and time, well, it’s lacking <3


  1. @bridget: I guess……

    KIDDING. muah.

    @Kara: Soon! I swear! &to hold you over: tiny mini food post tomorrow!

    @shannon: Thanks!

    @lisa: hahaha. Awesome!

    @amber: awww <3

  2. I read a few blogs that are asking for votes, and meh. But you? I voted for you.

  3. Only voting if we get more delicious vegan recipes! Everything I've made off this blog is my favorite meal ever. 🙂