Tofu scramble is probably one of the easiest things to make. It’s great for anytime of the day and especially great for people who prefer a savory breakfast (aka me. Sweets in the morning? No thanks). It’s naturally low fat (keyword: naturally) and high in protein. Also, it’s one of Marlowe’s favorite meals in the whole wide world (not that she’s had that many meals yet, but you know… whatever). Like, almost every other thing I post you can choose to add or take away a variety of ingredients. Most items are optional, but recommended.
tofu (medium to extra firmness– I always have the extra firm in my house, so thats what I use)
peppers (any color)
mushrooms (any kind)
green onions (optional)
mixed greens (optional)
pinch of tumeric
pinch of cayenne
nutritional yeast
salt, pepper,
powdered veg. stock — totally optional. I use it sometimes.
How to:
First things first: Press your tofu. Don’t know how? Drain tofu, wrap it in a folded (CLEAN) kitchen towel and stick a heavy pot, pan, book, baby, whatever on top of it for about 20 to 30 minutes. Don’t be too worried about crushing the tofu—- you are going to crumble it up later anyway.
Chop veggies (the smaller the better for picky eaters/little kids)
Sauté veggies in all olive oil (not the green onion or tomatoes)
While your veggies are sauteing, go ahead and press your tofu down a bit more to get out any moisture
In a bowl: crumble tofu, and add chopped green onion and tomatoes. I used cherry tomatoes, but any variety would work great.
Add spices to bowl &mixall together.
*All your veggies should be nicely sauteed at this point. And you can add your tofu/spice mixture.
Mix, add greens, continue sauteing until most of the moisture is out. Don’t forget to taste for seasoning too!
 That’s it! Voila.
Eat with toast, pancakes, waffles, or whatever else you would prefer and enjoy 🙂 

*note: I received a comment yesterday about needing to educate myself on the dangers of soy in a diet. Yes, there are a lot of articles that soy is “health risk” because of estrogen, and whatever else. We’ve all heard the billion dollar dairy corporations pushing cows milk instead of soy. We’ve all heard how “scary” and “dangerous” soy is, but really, soy is perfectly safe (and good for you), just like everything else: in moderation. I’m not feeding my kid a block of tofu everyday, and I’m not recommending you do either. Marlowe does love tofu scrambles, and tofu in general (so do I), but our diet is in no way soy based. I can argue about the health risks caused by the ammonia in meat or bring up the fact that little girls are now developing breasts at the age of eight due to the hormones pumped in meat, milk, and whatever else, but instead I’ll just say it again: everything in moderation. 



  1. Yum! I've been making these for years and always enjoy them so much! I like to add a little kale and some cooked quinoa too. Delicious 🙂

  2. Yum! I'm always looking for new ways to prepare tofu for myself and the peanut. I'll be trying this one tomorrow! xxx, j

  3. Oh dear. Why do people get so worked up over soy? Whole, unprocessed soy products liked edamame, tofu, and tempeh are very healthy. It's the processed soy stuff (soy protein isolate, etc.) that's put into just about every packaged product that should be avoided. Eat whole foods. Avoid packaged crap. Kudos to you for feeding your baby tofu scramble!!!

  4. Amen! As a fellow vegan, I can't tell you how many times I get sick of people "talking" to me about soy.

  5. I love when you post what you eat, especially when you add the recipe.
    I am vegetarian and sometimes I don't know what to eat, since I found your diet water section I realize that I am eating vegan food 3 times a week! You are so inspiring!
    I am addicted to your chickpeas patties and “things on toast” are the best thing to eat anytime.

    The first reason I became vegetarian was compassion, the second one was all the hormones and antibiotics they add on this poor animal’s diet. I’ll rather eat soy.

  6. Slrpp..this looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. I am Indonesian and soy products have been a part of my diet since I was old enough to eat solid. In Indonesia, people are raised eating tofu and tempe as meat/chicken substitute (for us, meat & chicken are expensive — a logical reason hehe). It's nice to see more innovative ways of cooking tofu & tempe nowadays. Definitely will try this tomorrow 🙂

  7. i didnt see the comment but i'm going to go out on a limb and guess/say that estrogen is a NATURAL by-product of soy (i'm pretty sure i have read this) unlike the hormones added to the diets of cattle/pigs/chicken that aren't organic to make them big and fat. so there's that too. the only major concern i have read is that it can affect milk production (but i've only read about it in the context of milk production).

  8. This looks so delicious and filling. I tend to skip breakfast because I'm not a big breakfast fan and I never have time when it's a work day..but this makes me want to get up early and make it!

  9. have been so inspired by your meals! i am not a tofu person though..i wonder your thoughts on maybe cooking say this meal and substituting a rice for the tofu. that seems like it would work.???

    love your comment address.

  10. I love you! Thank you for the comment at the end – it's something I'm always saying.

  11. here here on addressing the soy propaganda. everything in moderation forever.

  12. I was hoping you would post the recipe for this! I'm a pescatarian and I'm trying to slowly venture into the vegetarian world but I have no experience with cooking tofu. This definitely looks delicious and is definitely something I will be trying soon!

  13. This looks so good! and I just purchased tofu for the first time the other day and have been looking for a good recipe to test it out on 🙂

  14. I have been wanting to try a tofu scramble for sometime now and finally managed to remember to buy some tofu. Except I had my mom pick it up and didn't realize it was silken until we got home. I am determined to have this one day though!

    which brings me to a question, any good silken tofu recipes? I understand it is best in things like smoothies or puddings?

  15. I was going to comment on yesterday's post with a "Recipe please" but thought that might be a bit time consuming for you. So glad you've decided to do it anyway. We're vegetarian & I'm always looking foe new dishes to feed bubs with.

  16. Hi there! This looks delicious! My hubby, 20m/o son and I are vegetarian and will eventually make our way to vegan. (We were for a while but our budget made it a bit difficult to get anything other than the cheapest stuff we could get. Though I'd starve before I ate meat, but that's another story.) This looks DELICIOUS! And my body seems to do best when I have some soy. Not a ton, and not 'none at all'. I totally agree. Moderation. Personal moderation.

    Thanks for this delicious recipe!!

  17. this looks so good! Sounds pretty similar to the recipe I use and is delicious!
    I also can't believe someone would warn you about the dangers of soy. The studies that have been done on soy are with so insanely high much that nearly no one would consume that much in a day. You are obviously very smart and know what you and your daughter need in your diets to be healthy and happy.

  18. Thank you for this. I love tofu scrambles and so does my daughter, age 7. Even her friends have loved 'em when they've slept over and I make breakfast! So glad you posted about the soy "issues." I went vegan over the summer. Basically, I'm allergic to dairy and have chosen not to eat meat anymore. I just can't. It wasn't even an actual choice. Well, my body made the choice for me. I do enjoy soy once a week, but I've heard the reports…and I'm afraid. But then I think about Japan and how tofu has been part of the diet forever…and I wonder. All of the info and research can be confusing and overwhelming. Thanks for addressing it. You are an inspiration.