It hasn’t been fantastic around here. It’s been very dark and wet. I recently mentioned the little time Alex have together…. well, that time has become non existent (especially for Marlowe). 14 to 16 hour work days (with no days off) leaves very little time (read: none at all)—- for anything. I’ve been trying to fill that gap again for Marlowe, she senses the feelings in the air…. so easily affected by every mood and emotion. The days seem longer, but lately, less gets done. She’s got a mouth full of teeth, but there are still more trying to push through. Between the teething screams, there is: little play, little sleep, little accomplished, and a lot of nursing. I know it’s only a matter of time before things get better. Soon enough there will be: more time, sun, and no more teething (at least for a while). I’m looking forward to those days. Until then, I am filling the days with as many: snuggles, walks (weather permitting), and play as I can.

At this very moment: windows open, (fallen) photos moved, and a miserable exhausted baby asleep on the bed.
A little video from our walk before the rain (one of three walks that day). 
Marlowe meeting squirrels for the first time:
(yes, the video was cut short. Marlowe wanted to get a little too close to the squirrel. The mama bear in me did not approve. )
On the upside: The fact that I can have the AC off, even for a few hours (with the humidity), is AMAZING. Also? On our PJ walk the other day^^ I was able to throw a long sleeve shirt on Marlowe. Cooler weather is coming!

And when I write “grey”, I mean REALLY GREY. Our midday light became THIS at noon today. 


  1. and speaking of pete yorn, i assume you already have this album but relator? the one w/ scarlett j. lovvvve it.

  2. a) you're a hottie. didn't you say breastfeeding made one boob bigger than the other? can't tell so there.
    b) did you make that vid with an iphone? don't tell me if so. actually i want to know. but i dont have one so it'll just piss me off.
    c) you guys are cute.

  3. Eeep Internet is out.

    Thank you for the sweet comments. Seems like a lot of mamas (babies) have the teething blues lately. :/

    @xo.leslie: I can't believe I forgot to put the song! Will put up later! It's "the man" by Pete yorn! (my dream man)

  4. haha she just waltzed right up like oh hey squirrel let's be friends!! silly girl 🙂

    so you figured out the music over the video deal…. turned out good!

  5. Aww, such a sweet video! What's the song in it, though?

    Also, even I, at the age of 21 get freaked out by squirrels. Marlowe's so brave!

  6. some squirrels have no shame in their game. the day we moved in to our new house, a squirrel walked up to us like who the hell are u? i live here! then started doing tricks for us on the trees, they can get super close if you're quiet enough. anyways.. im feeling "grey" too. not getting much done lately, been super broke which forces me to stay home and my kiddo has been super hyper, im tired. hope this week is better for you and Marlowe! big hugs!!

  7. Aww. and I just watched the video! So sweet! Motivated me to finally get my daughters videos together..

  8. You look gorgeous. Very comfortable and relaxed. Love the picture of her walking and waving 🙂 The bottoms of her shoes look adorable!

  9. I'm a newer follower of you blog, I love these sweet pictures! I have been through many of those days of single parenting it while he works long shifts, and teething, oh it's no fun. It will pass!

  10. hi, I love the video, it's very sweet! I also wanted to let you know, I linked to your blog in a post a few days ago, I made some toast from your what's on toast series and took a photo of it. i hope you don't mind 🙂

  11. Yes! I live in South Florida as well and I've forgotten what the sun looks like. The weather peoples say we'll get some sun on Thursday. *fingers crossed*

  12. These photos are so gorgeous. We are in the same boat with the teething woes, it's terrible. Brees is getting her incisors, they have been trying to push through for the last week and she is miserable. She has her hand in her mouth constantly, poor baby. Here's to hoping for happy, healthy babies soon!