I have very few pieces of jewelry anymore. I don’t have time or money for jewelry. I also have a tiny little friend named Marlowe that is a fan of pulling and tugging on all things shiny. Regardless, I still have a few pieces that I really treasure and plan to keep forever: my grandmothers ring, a tiny compass on a big silver ring, a tiny level on a necklace, and now: a meaningful map on a chain.
I love maps. I really do. I’ve experienced so many road-trips, growing up, and also: through my adult years where I’ve studied a map for hours on end. I love the idea of exploring the road that is being traveled and finding home all over again. From shorter day-long drives, to long week long adventures, from: Florida to Canada, Massachusetts to Arizona, and Arizona to Florida— I’ve spent hours in a car completely content with a map on my lap. 
While peeking through the booths on Saturday, I found a bin of assorted chain pedants. Each one was random and different from the other. I smiled instantly when my eye caught a pendant with a vintage map of Miami.  And not just Miami, but a very familiar place in Miami, a place I liked to think of home for a very short period of time. Out of every necklace that could have bee made, from any map that could have existed, out of all locations, and out of all places in Miami— there it was… a   map of a place where I once I fell in love. My heart lived in that teepee.


  1. I love that necklace and vintage map and I actually know that area well 🙂
    And like you, I too am content on a road trip, map in hand… just happy.

  2. Cute necklace! So fun to read that you are so into reading maps. It's one of my favorite things to do too.