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Barley & Birch. Ohdeardrea sponsor from day one. If Marlowe has a shirt on, 95% of the time it’s a B&B shirt. It’s no secret we love them &all the good things they are doing for the planet. Check out the newest addition to the B&B blog: Tasty Tuesday. Or an old favorite: Make it Mondays. &Stay tuned for the new fall collection!
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A girl after my own heart: Katie…. living life naturally and simply, with a wandering soul. Also, a boot wearer— this is key. Be sure to follow her blog to be able to peek into her lovely desert life with her beautiful family. 

Ilene. Teacher. Wife. Animal lover. Maker of yummy looking food. Beautiful picture taker. &Complete sweetheart. Check out her blog: HERE
Jenn, super-mama to baby, Dyce. Married to handsome musician man, Bradley. Follow her on twitter and check out her blog: HERE
Jordan and baby Scarlett. Nicest &sweetest ladies around. Check out Jordan’s Etsy Shop. Like them on Facebook. Follow on twitter. Check out her awesome photos: HERE. And of course, read her blog: HERE.
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Bad-ass style, breast-feeding friendly blog. Check out Maryam’s gorgeous style . See her beautiful family and their adventures.  Read the interviews with other breat-feeding mamas (see ohdeardreas: here). Follow on facebook and twitter too!

Meet Ivana. If we lived in the same town, or even in the same country we would be very good friends (internet buds works for now)… we would cook a lot of food and spend our days painting. If you like good food, you’ll love love love this blog. Check out mass amount of delicious recipes, add her on twitter, and instagram too. 
Johanna’s shop of upcycled and recycled goods and vintage wear! Our new favorites: the rosette!, the penelope headband,  the marlowe three pack (duh, we picked the fabrics ourselves), and the little double crochet circle scarf. Check out her tumblr too.
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Shoe whore, mother of adorable baby,  &my late night telephone companion. I’m incredibly sad THESE aren’t my size. If you have normal to larger feet you need these: SEVEN or EIGHT.  Need adorable vintage baby stuff? Especially THIS kiddo sweater. Check out the whole shop: HERE.
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