Eeeep! Welcome to our new weekly feature: Things On Toast!

I think it’s been pretty clear throughout this blogs short history that I have a deep love for all things accompanying bread, more specifically: freshly made, beautiful loaves of bread. After the most recent: Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things post, I knew this was something I wanted to do. As short and minimal as this series might be, I’m pretty in love with the simplicity of it. One photo, once a week (or more) of some the delicious, simple treats, created and indulged in, in my home.

avocado, green onion, olive oil, salt.


….pssst. ps. thanks for all your votes. You guys are seriously beyond amazing.


  1. I made this this weekend, it was beyond good. I'm so excited for this new feature! Bring on the things on toast posts!

  2. I'm with ya in loving all "things on toast". Purchasing a breadmaker was a serious game changer in this house! I'm excited for this new series, as I've been getting into a bit of a snack rut.

  3. Hi Drea,
    I came across your blog after seeing your stream on Instagram. I must say that you really inspire me! I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian but I have been trying to live a more organic and simple life, for myself and also for my 2 kids. I found many inspirations to do that in your blog. So, there..thanks a lot and i love love your blog and i heart Marlowe..she is so beautiful!

  4. omg. things on toast! get out, i love.

    you have heard the "yeah toast" song, right??

  5. This is perfect! I am newly pregnant with my second child and I have been trying to figure out what healthy snacks I can eat that are still not "too much" to handle right now with all this morning sickness!