We’re over at kid’s fashion blog: Baby Blackbird, today. And when I say “we”, I mean: Marlowe and her adorable little style. I know what you’re thinking… “Fashion? You? You HATE shopping!” … okay okay… I know, BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t love an awesome kiddos fashion blog and that doesn’t mean my girl can’t be ridiculously cute and naturally stylish 😉

check out my little lady &be sure to check out Brandy’s kids (the two most fashionable kiddos on the internet…. no seriously).


  1. Drea, if I didn't hear you say it more than once…I would totally think you were waaay into fashion. Love vintage baby dresses. Marlowe is adorable.

  2. I commented over there too but the yellow dress is just the cutest thing i've ever seen! She's adorable.