This past week and a half, I have been striving for mental peace— not a lot… just a little. The gym thing? What a flop so far. I’ve gone twice in 8 days. Not awful, but not what I hoped for. Time is still something I could use more of… but when many of the things around you are so incredibly negative and draining it’s hard to find that extra motivation to get out of bed an hour early to go to a gym…. especially when snuggling up under the covers, next to the two people you love, seems like a much, much better idea. (I mean, come on, isn’t it?!)
Well, Sunday we all did our best to move past any negatives around us and just have fun. We headed to brunch with my brother, sister in law, and a hungover Michelle. After, we did something we (I) never do: mini golf. Yep. Here’s a fact: I hate mini golf. People confuse this with “I’m terrible at mini golf”… truth is: I’m not… I’m pretty good at it, I just get so incredibly bored. If you’re like me and are never ending amounts of bored by mini golf, try this: bring a baby. It’s a thousand times more entertaining to have a little moving obstacle course grabbing all the golf balls. (I promise). I still got bored and quit 75% through the course, but thats further than I’ve ever made it. And I got second place! Woot woot.
Anyway, Im tired of writing (thinking)….. here is photographic evidence that mini golf (putput) with a baby can be highly entertaining:

mamas shoes c/o: vintage shoe love
yes, I’m wearing leather. I own and wear second hand leather…. think of me as a “fashion freegan“. 



  1. Strongbow is the best! My boyfriend brought it home last night with flowers… ah the way to win a woman's heart! Your little girl is so very pretty.

  2. Haha!I freaking hate mini golf. Sometimes I think it sounds like a good idea, but it really is the most boring thing ever. Beer might make it a little better though.

  3. Um…Strongbow?! Haha. Here it's what the tramps drink LOL! 😛 I suppose it's something different in the US.

  4. uuh yeah, we bought a treadmill and i have yet to step onto it. i'm blaming it on being sick. but really….

  5. So this has nothing to do with this particular post, but I know you own a trike and I was wondering what brand it is. I can ride a bike but am not that sturdy on it so a trike sounds like a good call. Also I love your blog and am so happy for you about your upcoming wedding.