As hoped, things are slowly (but definitely) getting better around here. The air is cool outside. The kiddo appears to no longer be in teething hell. Alex had a whole two days off work this week! I’m… you know… the same, I’ve got no complaints here… well, one: I’d like to get the kid of my breasts, but I guess that will have to wait. Wedding plans are being made…. along with a bunch of other huge events.

The past two days have been wonderful. Marlowe and I love having Alex here. We take turns taking naps and sharing responsibilities. We eat (more) delicious food. And we have major amounts of snuggling time. It’s pretty terrific. Last night was especially great. The more than wonderful Michelle, babysat Marlowe so Alex and I could have a proper date. Drinks, dinner, and dancing. Alex was extra sweet and called a wonderful restaurant in Miami to see if they could accommodate me with a vegan meal. (Of course) they said yes, and off to Miami we went! We sat at the bar eating radishes and sharing drinks until our table was ready. We laughed about me ordering a special vegan meal made, while Alex, looking over the menu asks: “What should I order?” and I respond “pork shoulder”. It only makes sense, right? We drank delicious wine and headed back north to meet friends for a birthday celebration and dancing. Lots of dancing. We are dancing fools together.

I’m looking forward to many things. The weekends most definitely don’t feel very weekend-ish around here. My day to day routine is almost identical no matter what day it is (except for friday when we usually have our lady dates)… and Alex well, he’s non existent on weekends. He practically lives at work. BUT this weekend… this weekend will be different! Tomorrow I’m driving down to Miami to try on wedding dresses! I’m am pretty excited. After trying on (and hopefully choosing) a wedding dress, Michelle and I plan to drive even more south to the raw vegan market. Once upon a time, I did my weekly shopping there. I’m looking forward to scarfing down fruit pies and cashew shakes.

Other than that? I’m patiently waiting to hear back about a house! That’s right! My dad is helping Alex and I purchase a home! We put an offer in a few days ago and I’m anxious to hear the news. So far, it doesn’t look too optimistic because there were multiple offers, but I’m still hopeful. The house is beautiful, spacious, and has a yard I am in love with. Eeeep. I am really hoping this happens, while 640 square feet is comfortable enough for our tiny family, it would be so nice to have a bigger space and a real yard for Marlowe. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

The wedding is coming along incredibly smooth. We’re keeping it small, trying to keep the guest list under 50 (not including children). Our location is set (and it is amazinggg). With the help of Lindsey from Out Of Alabaster our “save the date cards” should be printed and mailed in the next week. My wedding dress will hopefully be picked this weekend. Our photographer(s) are picked. Decorations are being made. And the flowers are set to go! I’m looking forward to so much!

There are a lot of good things are in our future. 
&now, I’ll leave you with this silly video of my laughing, ridiculous kid. After all, laughter is contagious. 

**I mostly love this video because she started laughing to mock us and our laughter. And every time I play it for her she continues to laugh at herself 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. hahahah oh my goodness… this video absolutely made my week. she is so adorable… Plus you guys laughing with her when she starts to drift off– so funny! 😉

    good luck with wedding things/ house things/ trying-to-find-time-to-bond things, etc… vegan food market sounds delectable!

  2. i love how she stands there the ENTIRE video holding that cracker and looking for a reaction. she's adorable, and this post makes me happy 🙂 hurray for life being good!!!

  3. That video is amazing. AMAZING. Marlowe is the best.

    Also, I'm silly with excitement for your wedding!

  4. Oh Drea! Your happiness is contagious! It makes me wanna cuddle w my hubby more and hug my kids a little harder. So excited for you! Good luck w the house. Oh! I hope you find the most amazing wedding dress. 🙂

  5. I love that you guys go out dancing together…very awesome, and I'm sure so much fun 🙂

  6. your words ooze with genuine happiness! I love that! Best blog post I've read on the internet ever!