Alex, Marlowe, and I hung out on the couch for the better part of the morning. I made sure to get every single task I possibly could out of the way on Sunday, so that on Monday we could do any and everything or nothing at all. I lounged with my feet propped up, eating toast, in a very much “I’m happy to do anything. This is your day off” mood. Without fail, like every day off, (just like I knew he would) Alex wanted tacos. We headed to Palm Beach and enjoyed the beautiful winter weather (hehehe) for a few moments before lunch. The rest of the day continued with: purchasing Christmas decorations, making dinner, hanging lights, and cutting out tiny christmas trees.

little clip c/o upatreecupatea
mushroom bolognese. 

I’m not typically one to decorate for the holidays. The holidays are actually quite depressing for me, I mean, only in my head, but still. Thats actually why I left New England. I wanted to try to escape the winter blues… turns out it’s more than the weather that bums me out.. I’m a Christmas and New Years wah-face. Ok, well I always knew that, even as a 12 year old, sitting around, confused to why I was sad on New Years, but whatever, it was a good reason to escape cold and dark winters. Luckily, the nice weather helps a lot. A lot-a lot. I discussed this a bit last year, but I really want to try to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer around here for Marlowe, with minimal gifts, but lots and lots of love.  


  1. I'm having app envy…what app did you use for the pic of marlowe and alex that's divided into threes? I have instagram and hipstamatic but I can't seem to find it–could there be an awesome, hipster app I'm missing out on?! I need my pictures divided into thirds NOW.

  2. that shirt of marlowe's is my fave 🙂

    also, it started snowing in ohio tonight, so you and me are officially fighting now

  3. what is in those tacos??? i can't tell from the pic!!

    hopefully decorating and all the new things happening in your life will bring up the spirits a bit!! 🙂

    xo – alisha

  4. a little off topic, but do you (Drea or internet-universe peeps) have any recommendations for good vegan food blogs to follow? I have been an ovolacto veggie for 15 years and recently cut back on the lacto – it's my 25th year of life and one of my goals this year is to give veganism a shot!

    cookbook recommendations would be great too.


    ps-i love the honesty and sincerity in all your posts. it's why i keep coming back!

  5. I am SO with you about Christmas and the New Year! Totally depressing, for me anyway. Maybe it's the weather bothering me too.

    Your little family is precious. I can see the love you all have for each other. Enjoy! 🙂

  6. It's funny, I don't decorate much for Christmas either (laziness, but I do like all the lights, ect.) but this year I put up my little 4 foot Christmas tree. Maybe next year I'll step it up and get a big tree, ha! But I completely understand your not loving the holidays. They're supposed to be about being together, peace and love and taking it easy, and they become about "shopping!" and "more shopping!" and the tortures of getting gifts and family, and "oh my god what are the plans on that day…"

    I've learned to deal and do what I have to do to make them the best possible for me and my fiance, and disregard other peoples dramas. 😀

    P.S. I do wish it was a bit colder down here though (I'm in South Florida too – Miami).