It’s crazy to think that in the past month and a half+ we have only had two days to spend together. We’re all hoping for more in the near future, because this separate family life is kinda lame really lame. Here are a few captures of our second full family day together (last week).

Marlowe and jerry…. we’re trying to convince her that all dogs are called “jerry”.
I lived off cucumber sandwiches and this place during my first trimester of pregnancy. 
I gotta do something with this girls hair-do. She’s been an anti bow and anti hair elastic bandit lately. 
And I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the love on our big news! Between the comments, the emails, and the tweets….. I had a new smile on my face every 30 seconds! Thank you guys! We are really looking forward to the big day. Thank you for all the links and the tips too! I now have a wedding folder bookmark on my computer, my pinterest is filling up, and I’ve some pretty good tips in my head…. even some of the most basic and simple tips were brilliant… so many people mentioned red wine/red drinks <—– never crossed my mind. I planned to only drink red wine…. umm, that would have been dumb… especially because I am known to spill things on myself every chance I get. Phew, glad people brought that up. 


  1. all day every day in all three trimesters of my pregnancy i craved fruit, fruit, fruit and juice, juice, juice! I kind of wish apples still tasted as good as they did when I was craving them so badly..

  2. you're really lucky to have a guy that will do things on his one day off, most would just sleep and sleep. a real keeper!

  3. I love that you let your child play with your dog! She will learn so much from that growing up 🙂 I take a lot of pictures of my nephew too. I store them on an online album like the one found on so I can send them to relatives all over the world. Looking forward to more posts from you! xx