Someday last week (I have no idea what day it was) we got the opportunity to have a mini private tour of Swank Farms. Alex and his best friend, Clay wanted to see what produce they had to offer to bring into the restaurant. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned the farm before, but I’ve eaten many of their greens and other things at the pizza place I always talk about, and it’s always been delicious.  Anyway, I do suggest you check out some of the organic farms local to your area! The produce is always fresher and the greens more crisp 🙂 P1240572
M decided she would have a new mama with boobs to pinch. She may or may not have been confused by the short brown hair, button up shirt, and raybans :)Also, this post has absolutely nothing to do with turnips and radishes except that when I try to say one I always say the other and look like a complete idiot… even though I’m very clear on which is which. I also do it with plums and pears and even worse: carrots and oranges. Go me!

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  1. Love this post! We try to hit up our local farmer's market once a week. The fruits and veggies are so fresh and {maybe it's just in my head} taste so much better!