Well, after yesterday’s thanksgiving meal, I hope you all still have some sort of interest in pictures of food… because I have a bunch of them for you… 😉
mashed potatoes, maple baked tempeh, southern style kale, spaghetti squash.
(she wasn’t a huge fan of the squash, but neither was I)
pasta in creamy mushroom sauce.
 (portabella, shitake, oyster)
left-over pizza snack.
mamas: aloo gobi.
baby’s. this one was definitely on the spicy ginger side.
I gave her as much cauliflower, potatoes, and peas as I could with as little ‘sauce’ as possible. I also mixed it with generous amounts of rice to lessen the burn. it looks gross, but it was delicious.
vegan dad’s: easy tofu saag (with added cauliflower).
I wanted to hug Marlowe for this one. I was pretty certain she wouldn’t like it. the kale seemed extra bitter that day, but of course, she absolutely devoured it. I gave her seconds and thirds. my kid is seriously a super eater.
&no, the cilantro is not for show, she actually loves it too.
vegan yum yum’s: bread and eggplant lasagna (added: grilled zucchini, mushrooms, and generous amounts of garlic)
whole wheat pearl couscous with sauteed cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, peas, corn, and thyme.
(made by Alex)
In response to some of the recent food/cooking questions I’ve received:
I do plan on hopefully and eventually posting a recipe for the white bean biscuit stew I posted a while back. The recipe I followed was not anywhere near as delicious as it could have been. I plan on working on it when I get a moment and posting (what I hopefully will think is) a better version.
Vegan cheese: I use follow your heart mozzarella. I don’t use it often. And I don’t recommend it to gourmet cheese lovers. While, it is my favorite vegan cheese, it cannot be looked at as a cheese replacement (no vegan cheese can). As a vegan, I think it is best to stop relying on cheese in all your dishes. I use about one package every three weeks to a month. It goes bad fairly quickly and so, I choose to open it only when I have one certain meal planned: pizza… and occasionally: a grilled cheese. I guiltily end up wasting about one third of the package. Like I said, def. my favorite vegan cheese, but shouldn’t be used on any and every thing.
Cooking with a baby. How do I do it: I’d like to do a post on the ridiculousness that is ‘cooking and food blogging with a baby’. I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way, but basically: it’s hard. Really hard.

In other news: it’s official, Marlowe’s favorite food has gone from steamed tofu to cooked greens. If given the opportunity, she would eat a whole bunch of cooked kale in one sitting…. or swiss chard… or spinach…. or whatever kind of cooked green. Give this girl cooked greens!

I hope you all had a wonderful day, yesterday! Happy Friday!


  1. when the time comes, i am going to bring my children up vegan (like me), or at the very least vegetarian (like my boyfriend) and i'm already really worried that when it comes to my parents, his parents, siblings or whoever looking after future-baby occasionally, they wont respect our decision.

    have you ever had that issue with family or minders?

  2. I am excited to hear more about how you cook with Marlowe. I cooh all my familys meals but with my "little helper" it takes twice as long! I lOve it but would also love to hear how you do it and get some tips!

  3. I am excited to hear cooking tips with a little one. I cook all my family's meals and lI've being able to do so but with my little helper it takes twice as long!

  4. I know that "white bean stew" paragraph was partially for me. Thank you for following up, I look forward to the day when you improve the recipe & share it with us 🙂

  5. I am amazed at what she will eat! I really hope when my little miss gets a bit older she will be as adventurous an eater as little Marlow. Another food related question for you– do you have a favorite cookbook (or cookbooks)?