M’s favorite of our holiday records.
For size reference. Yes, our tree touches the ceiling…. And takes up about 25 square feet of my 640 square feet apartment. That may be an exaggeration. Okay okay… it probably is an exaggeration.
&because people have been asking… yep, there is no ring on my finger.
tickled, clean, christmas baby.
mad scientist baby touching lights.
Yes, in florida we get to decorate the house with the doors and windows open. It’s nice.
Chipotle spice hot chocolate, popcorn, elf watching.
Christmas feet.
So it happened. Christmas is in my home… everywhere I look. Well, not everywhere, but you know, in lots of places. I feel better about the whole thing considering: all the decorations were either made or thrifted, with the exception of a collection of giraffe ornaments gathered for Marlowe. All giraffes are from last year, and unfortunately, I have yet to find one this year (I’ll be honest I haven’t looked very hard. I haven’t even checked Etsy yet. Weird, right? No, I guess not,  I rarely have time for anything fun on the internet… but, anyway, if you know of any places to get some giraffe ornaments, please let me know!) Our tree is huge. (Insert rambling) I’m always so torn about the tree thing. Is it eco-friendly? Is it not? (It’s probably not). I tell myself, it’s fine! Since tree farms are good for the earth, but transporting all those trees to south Florida is incredibly not eco-friendly… and while fake trees last a whole lot longer, they are manufactured some where… (who knows by who) and still shipped across the world and country… and really where is the metal and materials from? This is something I should probably research a bit more… Yes, these are really the thoughts in my head, how un-christmas-y, right?? But whatever, for now, I’m going to enjoy my tree that touches the ceiling cause it makes this whole christmas thing a hell of a lot nicer! And I mean, Alex has NEVER had a real tree! (Neither has Marlowe, but that’s an obvious statement). Alex was so blown away by “how big” our tree is. That’s crazy talk. Sure, he’s right… I was raised in New England, where Christmas trees are a whole different story, but not even one real tree!??! That’s madness. Okay, anyway, enough about trees… (end rambling), here are a few pictures of our night decorating and other Christmas bits around this tiny house of ours!


  1. ok. i keep noticing this/ how do you keep your place so dang clean/tidy with a baby? are you picking up after her all day or just not putting out a lot of toys. i'm so envious. especially with being in a small place.

  2. What a sweet little family you have! I have an owl hanging thing pretty similar to this one! I love it. p.s. I recently picked up a cute cute cloth giraffe ornament at Target on the cheap ($2.50, I think).

  3. I just read an article about the real vs. fake eco-friendly debate in like. . .Real Simple or Whole Living. . .can't remember which. Here's a link to a similar article:


    Anyways I guess real Christmas trees really are more eco friendly, so give your conscience a break and enjoy that glorious christmas tree smell!

  4. Living in england we obviously have a tooooooootally different climate! But we have a tree (his name is Colin) and he comes in every year for Christmas and then goes out to live in our garden the rest of the year. It's pretty great that way. Everyone happy!

    By the way found this blog through following you on instagram…I like how these things work and cross over. Great blog, and I particularly like all your recipes. Nice.

    Love, Sarah

  5. Real trees weren't big in Scotland until a few years ago and now a lot of places offer them…my Mum once CARRIED one home. Yes she is a freaking rock star.

    However, I don't do that, and most people have fake plastic trees here – with houses being on the small side it's just easier. Our place is about the size of yours and we fake plastic treed it last year and will keep our tree going until it's on it's last legs! 🙂

  6. we have done no decorating here yet. we are waiting to go to wv.
    honathan adler has a super cute giraffe and i think i saw some at our fave store anthro.

  7. Hi Drea,

    For all you do for the environment (in particular, not eat meat or animal products), you can afford a Christmas tree on your carbon footprint, for sure, especially because of the lovely memories it makes. You've (carbon) earned it!

  8. I have this debate with myself every year. Ultimately we get a tree. Fortunately, living in California (and having grown up in Oregon, which is the country's #1 supplier of Christmas trees!) the trees never have to travel very far, and we treat it with respect while it's in our home (I have issues about having reverence for things which sacrifice their lives for my benefit … etc … trees count!).

    We also get our tree from a tree lot that is staffed via a nonprofit organization that is a rehabilitation/halfway house – type place for recently released inmates. They do work and learn how to re-enter society. It's really cool to get your tree from this place because the former inmates are all really kind, and they seem so joyful about putting in a hard day's work.

  9. this week you will get your hot dreidel ornament, made with love by an old Jewish lady from Boynton Beach.

  10. oh the tree debate. we had that one. no, not eco friendly but i give in to the hustle and bustle of the season. we like to think ours is eco friendly because we buy off our friends tree farm. most at the hardware store or xmas lots are actually brought up from north carolina. plus we're supporting a small business. that counts for something, right?

    anyhoo. house looks great. i'm mad at you. just kidding. just wish i could decorate with the windows open 🙂

  11. I used to be anti-real (or any, for that matter) christmas tree too.. but my fiance pleaded a few years back and showed me articles about how they are more eco-friendly than plastic trees. It makes sense, because plastic contains harmful chemicals, and like you said who knows how much energy is consumed manufacturing them. Anyway, sorry for the rant.. That crocheted reindeer is the best christmas decoration I've ever seen.