I’ve had two (huge) boxes of things sitting in Marlowe’s room for-ev-er… or about four months, but it feels like forever. I like to organize and cleanse my house every couple of months and make a big trip to goodwill. Seriously, it’s one of the best feelings for me. But this batch of Marlowe’s things had been sitting there (for-ev-er) and made it through about two cleanses, untouched. I kept telling myself I would do a “shop marlowe’s closet” or make the hike up to Jupiter (about thirty minutes north) to a children’s consignment shop. It made sense because so many of the items were in great condition and many had never even been worn.
This past sunday the box of things made it from Marlowe’s room to the front door. Today, I felt almost human again and decided I wanted to do a bit more. If you didn’t know (I’m pretty sure you don’t, except maybe if you’ve been following my whining on twitter), I’m pretty much done weaning Marlowe. We’re on day four of no breastfeeding and my body is pissed about it and revolting in all ways. I’ve been miserable for days now… it has not been pleasant. (But we’re doing it! And Marlowe has been FANTASTIC! So yeah, anyway… I didn’t feel like I had been run over by a train today and I wanted to do something good. I separated all of Marlowe’s items (pjs, dresses, t-shirts, and so on) and started making care packages. All together I was able to make seven little bundles of goods, each one containing (at least): one pj, two dresses, two shirts, one pair of pants, one pair of shoes, one hat, and pacifier and/or a toy of some sort. I was also able to make two bundles for “big girls” with dolls/teddy-bears, a book, and hair bows. I wrapped them each up in brown tissue paper and red yarn and placed them on the shelf above a sleeping, clueless, Marlowe. Tomorrow they will not be going to goodwill, or online, or to any store for extra money, but instead: to a women’s shelter. I am happy to be able to do a little more this holiday season and I hope these packages bring a little joy to a woman (and baby) in need.

1. packages, artwork in progress, and a new beautiful poster c/o miss igs
2. sorting, folding, stacking.
3. wait what is that? a baby that naps, during the day? yes! the past few weeks we’ve been able to figure out a schedule that includes: nap time, a no cry bedtime, an early (but not unreasonably early) morning wake up, and no nursing… except for one, in the morning. It’s been fabulous. 

More than anything, I’m really looking forward to the day when Marlowe will be able to understand, take part, and share joy in giving.


  1. Happy holidays to you! That is a great idea. I have been hoarding all of little Adelaide's things, waiting for a chance to take them to a consignment shop. Whatever doesn't sell, I was going to take to Goodwill, but I think this is a much more wonderful idea.

  2. Drea, tell your brother Mark that it's ok if Marlowe has more clothes than he does….that's life. Also, tell him that he shouln't worry because his children will also have the best grandma ever "ME" and I will buy tons of beautiful outfitsfor them

  3. Wow that's been exactly my plan for the holiday! The giving my daughters clothes away part. Lol. I decided I wanted to donate to people in deep need. They deserve new, nice things, too. Good job!! 🙂 also congrats on weaning!!

  4. we always donate all our stuff to a woman's shelter. I always feel absolutely fantastic(goodbye stuff!) about it and so does my 14 son. sounds like a great Christmas tradition Drea!

  5. SOO wonderful of you! Maybe you could make this a Christmas tradition? Maybe not to this extent every year, but just make a little care package with Marlowe? How fun!

  6. 1 – Marlowe has more clothes than I do.

    2 – What about handmedowns in case your brother ever has a kid.

  7. That's AMAZING!!!! soooo sweet! I've got a big box of Makena's clothes and I was/am holding on to them in hopes the husband and I would work and and we'd MAYBE have another….but I may have to change my hopes to reality and do something like this…

  8. This is so sweet! I love your blog, i am new to blogging like brand new. I have been reading your blog for a few months and i think you have such a huge heart. I know you will bring joy to a lot of moms & daughters out there.