*let me start off being saying this is not a sponsored post…. yes Barley and Birch sponsor ohdeardrea, but they in no way asked me to write this… this is something I’m posting about because it really, REALLY means a lot to me πŸ˜‰

So here I am again, telling you (again and again and again) how much I love Barley and Birch. What can I say? I love anyone (or anything) in this world, that is not only living to live or living for themselves… but rather: striving to be the best, making an extraordinary impact, benefiting everyone around them, and of course…kicking ass while doing it.

Barley and Birch is selflessly doing some of the most amazing things for our Earth and the people on it. They have set out to make this world a better place and are doing a damn good job at it. Seriously, Kyle (founder of Barley and Birch) is a woman to look up to and admire… she is a super woman.

From the little things (that make a big difference) such as: organic clothing, water based inks, being conscious of emissions used, and essentially being a paper free company…. to the bigger things such as: donating 15% of their profits carbon reducing initiatives, and at least another 15% to other life improving organizations, to creating The Barley And Birch Foundation, Barley and Birch is what all companies should strive to be: successful, beneficial, and earth and people friendly.

This is the Holiday season… the season for giving. Can we all try to give a bit more, together? Every little bit counts. If you have yet to check out the Barley And Birch Foundation, I recommend you do. Learn more about their non-profit home and school for orphan children in Haiti and consider donating what you can. After all, it is for a really important cause.

Here is a little video if you’d like to learn more:

Another option, if you’d like to *give a little and get a little* is “The Watch“!

The Barley and Birch Foundation partnered with some watchmakers to create a limited edition watch. With every one watch purchased, 100% of the proceeds goes to fund the education of one child at the Barley and Birch home and school in Port au Prince, Haiti. One watch will fund one child for an entire month. Amazing, right? It’s incredible to think how much of an impact one purchase or donation can really make. So let’s skip one restaurant meal out, not buy that piece of clothing we were eyeing, or buy that extra toy our child will forget about in a week… instead: let’s make a real difference, by giving. Let’s do something good, shall we?

Of course, Barley and Birch is one of many great organizations that you can donate to. I write about it, because it one that is close to my heart. Find something that is close to you… a meaningful cause that makes you smile when you think of all the good benefiting from your donation. Another donating idea I really love is: Oxfam Unwrapped. <— seriously, check it out. I’m sure you all know me well enough by now to look at the site for 30 seconds and go “oh gee, of course Drea loves this idea”. 

edit: ps! friends and family who might read this blog: M and I would like donations made in our name instead of gifts. Seriously, I cant think of one thing we *need*. 


  1. Love holiday posts about more than just the typical holiday "stuff." The Adventure Project is also doing a great project for Haiti and is a non-profit I can see you liking based on your blog!

  2. Hi drea,

    I follow you at instagram and I found that you have a blog.
    I was looking at your pics and yummy foods and your cute little girl. You seem so happy and peacefull.
    You will be one of my favorites!

  3. this is fantastic! thanks for sharing these great causes. i just made a donation for soap to oxfam in my sister's name, and encouraged her to do the same for me as my christmas present this year. i always make sure to give at least something to a charitable cause each month, and keep track in a "giving book" i've put together for poppy to fill in with me as she grows. especially during the christmas season where over-hyped consumerism seems rampant, it's nice to see someone encouraging selflessness instead! (: you rock! XOXOXO!