perfection moved in attempt to get things done.
caught. stealing a phone to listen to music. a dog butt. 
never letting go of the dog leash.
a climbing man.
days off // a sleeping baby, a private hangout space created in a child’s bedroom, with a goofy loving face in need of a haircut.
a blurry friend.
smokey sweet potato and kale soup. lemony greens. and crusty garlic bread.
a christmas party.
an ugly sweater ready for a christmas party // a dateless tired mama going out for the first time in a month… and home before midnight. 
absolutely nothing.
growing and wearing the same shirt all too often // sleeping love.
a mouth full of date night.
secret spot. a date night. continued 


  1. SHORTS AT A XMAS PARTY! gahhhh 😛

    actually, we stole some florida weather because it was SIXTY DEGREES in Ohio today. WTF for sure.

  2. That *was* a really weird leg comment. Hmmm. As always, M is adorable, her getting into the basket is fabulous (what is with babies and too-small baskets??), and sometimes a good shirt must be worn a lot… 🙂

  3. I just want to say:

    1) Marlowe is so cute with her hair in her eyes. What a gorgeous girl. I've got a 12 month old who has yet to grow hair, save for her back curls, so I notice these things.

    2) That soup looks delicious.

    3) I love the colors in your home.

    3) Weird leg comment, eh?

  4. i don't know who that man with the glasses/beard/holiday sweater is, but he should become a professional party attendee if he isn't already.