Soooo… christmas happened. It was quick and painless, and this year I had a place to put my blame for my ‘holiday whatever’s’. We didn’t really have much planned around here. The 24th is actually Michelle’s birthday, so she came by, I made us lunch, and we sat around and finished our last minute Christmas gifts together while Marlowe napped. Alex, was of course scheduled to work all of Christmas eve so I brought Michelle to my brothers house for our family get together (we usually get together on the eve, not the day). My sister-in-law, Nicole cooked a wonderful (all from scratch) meal for everyone and was wonderful enough to make sure anything that could be vegan (not meat) was vegan! They use almond milk and vegan butter at their house anyway, but still, I know she went out of her way to make sure it was Marlowe and Drea friendly. Alex came home late that night (like always) and he prepped pizza dough for the morning. He had been told that day that he would no longer have Christmas off and would have to come into work the next day. We were all bummed. Our first Christmas as a family (and one of Alex’s only days off that week) was cut short…. and then… even shorter when he found out he would have to go into work hours earlier than we had anticipated. We still made the best of the time we had together… We sat in the living room together while Marlowe and Alex opened gifts. Alex made us pizza, and Michelle came by with even more gifts for all of us to open. After Alex left to work, Laura joined us to spend a non christmas-y, christmas together. We took a walk to Michelle’s house in the hot december, Florida sun. We drank iced coffees and listened to the most ridiculous gift Marlowe received: a keyboard cat from my friend, Anita. We walked back home and I dressed Marlowe and I up to go out that evening. It was decided that I would have to make the best out of our situation and if Alex couldn’t be with his family on Christmas, then his family would have to go to him. So that’s what we did. Marlowe, myself, and my family went out to eat at his restaurant for Christmas dinner, and like always, we made sure to get the booth near Alex, so Marlowe could see a little more of him. I wasn’t surprised to find the restaurant was empty and unnecessarily open on Christmas…. on one hand it was upsetting to have him miss his one day off that week to be at an empty place… and on the other hand it was good to have Alex, able to come and sit with us every so often, and come home a little earlier: at 10 pm. We sat around with that damn keyboard cat and then Alex put Marlowe to bed so we could sit and relax together for a few moments before ending the day. And that was Christmas. 
outside. christmas eve day. making an extra special christmas gift for daddy and some other family members too. Yes, outside. I had to turn my AC back on for two days. I was pissed.
last minute present makers. 
christmas eve at my brother and sister-in-law’s home. 
some of many presents, for Alex.
christmas eve night, insisting to prep the pizza dough for tomorrow // christmas pizza. 
wanting to wear red // christmas morning excitement! 
michelle comes by with: more gifts and three amazing hand knit stockings (filled). 
marlowe’s favorite person, her uncle chris // christmas night, home from work with a keyboard cat.
christmas day coffee. 


  1. We got the same kitchen for Ben, but in white. I loooove the red. Hope Marlowe loves it as much as Ben does!

  2. oh man, christmas day! that really stinks ;/ that place should have been closed. but at least you packed up and went to eat there. i'm sorry to hear about the change of plans. that really really sucks. but on a brighter note you look stunning in all the pics 😉 i like the red lips. i a big fan of bright lips! jon makes fun of me all the time.

    btw, do you use a vegan cheese? if so which one?

  3. I know how you feel!!! I have a 16 month old and my husband travels for work and is pretty much only home on the weekends. I don't know if you ever feel this way, but sometimes I feel so sorry for myself! And then I realize it's the worst thing to do in this situation! Think positive and try to turn it into something good. Fight feeling lonely. You and Marlowe aren't alone:) Ever!I just want you to be encouraged and take this situation by the horns and don't ever let it overpower you. You are stronger than that:) Best wishes to you and your awesome fam:)

  4. Love reading your blog! Looks like you had a great Christmas but it really sucks that Alex didn't get the time off, it's so unfair! Must be really frustrating for you xx

  5. restaurants shouldn't be open on christmas. even if not everyone celebrates, people just need a day off to be with their families. or alone. or whatever. i'm sorry you haven't seen much of him lately =[ i hope his schedule gets better or you'll have to just kick some booty!

  6. Oh DRea!!! My husband is a chef so he worked christmas day, and he works a lot. I can totally understand You. I only have brother here, and now little Antek. We got together on xmas eve too, as every year, it's polish tradition really…
    Hope You had a good time… It's hard to feel the Christmas spirit when people close to Your heart aren't around…

  7. So sorry about Alex's working schedule and your abandoned vacation, but it's great that you guys were able to at least spend some time together on Christmas. Your photos are beautiful as always!

  8. Grrr…I got frustrated just reading your edit at the bottom, can't imagine how you must feel. That just, plain, sucks.

  9. Marlowe looks so cute in those painting pictures… and she's doing well holding that paintbrush! I have yet to give Adelaide a paintbrush, but it's coming soon!

  10. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas, stinks that Alex has been working so much but so happy your able to take a mini vacation next week. My husband works crazy long hours that sometimes (well most times) really suck, especially when Judah is being a crazy teething monster (seriously he is a sweet kid) just teething monster lately. But Im grateful he has 10 days off (now). In the middle of it now, I feel its worth it…. I will probably hate it again when he starts working long hours or going on business trips.