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As mentioned, we’re changing sponsoring options a little bit in the new year. Nothing terribly drastic… just adding a little more, taking away a little bit, and hardly tweaking. The biggest difference is that we will now be offering an XL option for sponsorship! 
Extra large sponsor package:  There will only be one XL space available per month. This spot will sit above all other spaces and unlike our other sizes, this package will have it’s very own featured solo post! Our XL space is 45$ for the month and sized at 180 x 200. (this spot has been purchased for the month of January, but feel free to email me about reserving future months!)
Large sponsor package: These sponsor spots will rotate a few times during the month to give all sponsors fair exposure. Our large size package will include a group post featuring all large sponsors of that month. The large space is 35$ and is sized at 180 x 150.
Small sponsor package: These spots will also rotate a few times during the month. This option does not include a post, but is a great way to gain exposure at a really low cost. The small space is 20$ and sized at 180 x 75.
** we offer discounted rates for sponsors purchasing multiple month spaces.
**All sponsors are eligible to host a giveaway. There are a few requirements for giveaways, as we like to keep them to a minimum on the ohdeardrea blog. 

January is a great month for sponsorship. From the excitement of the wedding just four months away (holy crap) and all the planning involved, to the beautiful Florida weather, to even more cooking and recipes, and so so much more, there really is a lot to look forward to. A new year brings new and renewed energy and will also bring new energy to this blog. I’m also excited to announce, this will actually be the first month ohdeardrea will be sponsoring other blogs, bringing new readers to ohdeardrea and helping to further support our own sponsors. 
We offer sponsorship opportunities to everyone: large and small companies, other blogs, websites and etsy shops, but we are careful to only select sponsors that are a good fit for the blog and readers of ohdeardrea. Making sure a good match is key, as I want to be true to not only myself and what this blog stands for, but also, to my sponsors to be able to further ensure proper exposure to a fitting audience. 

Another great idea: buy a sponsor space as a gift for someone you love! Last month Brian contacted me to buy a sponsor space as a christmas gift for his wife’s blog! How sweet is that? Hello most thoughtful husband EVER! 

If you’ve got some questions or would like to jump on board and be part of ohdeardrea, then email me and let’s make something happen!

ps! The winner of the Rock Me giveaway! 
&thank you everyone for entering!
Have a great weekend everyone! 
EDIT: I totally forgot to mention how much amazing feedback I’ve been getting from my current and previous sponsors. I am so incredibly pleased (giddy, really) to hear such amazing things from the sponsors I care so deeply about! So glad this *sponsoring ohdeardrea thing* is working out for you guys! 😉 Thanks for the thanks, but I should be thanking you guys! <3


  1. My husband is pretty awesome. He knows how much I love your blog. I hope he didn't bother you too much. Thanks for having us 🙂