I feel like this past while has been somewhat of my ‘lazy chef week’. My motivation and inspiration to cook has been lacking. We snacked out a lot. And we had grilled cheese twice. Granted, it was more lunch and not her dinner, but still, grilled cheese is rare around here unless we have soup to go with it…. and there was no soup. But of course, when we have meals like grilled cheese for lunch, we make sure to have extra veggies and some protein for dinner too. We balance our daily meals the best we can to make sure we get a bit of everything in one day. So now, when you see posts of grilled cheese’s and mac and cheese’s don’t assume (I typed “awesome” instead of “assume” *freudian slip*) our diet is slipping. It’s not. We like the occasional (vegan) grilled cheese just like anyone else 😉 but maybe, we didn’t post the partnering healthy meal, cause you’ve already seen it.
Also, I’m noticing these posts are either going to become slightly repetitive or just contain less meals… because you know, there are certain meals that are staples around here that we eat at least biweekly.
In general, my Diet Water section is lacking. There are so many things I wanted to write about… and just never find the time to. Finding all the links to back up my words is more time consuming than I would have imagined… and time is something I just don’t have. Also, I never have the time to read any new journals, articles, and blogs… so if I’m not reading them, then it kind of makes it impossible to share the info here. Maybe one day I can get back to writing about organics and posting about how to have a healthy vegan pregnancy, but for now, I’m going to focus on the food we eat here. I’ve realized that people are asking for recipes for things I make pretty on a pretty regular basis…things that I would never think to take pictures and blog about! So as difficult as it may sometimes be, I want to try to post a recipe… if not weekly, then biweekly on this thing.

Also, I plan on posting my tips on cooking with a baby (14 month old crazy toddler) soon. It’s not always easy, and some days it’s damn near impossible, but hopefully at least one tip will help other mamas having a hard time cooking with a baby… but we’ll see. I know the biggest thing that has helped me is the size of my home, and I doubt anyone is going to move into a 600 square feet home to make cooking easier 🙂

Anyway onto lazy mom chef week:
grilled cheese with grapes.
mushroom bolognese.
(you guessed it, pasta with a mushroom, red wine, tomato sauce… with a fancy name)
Bean and veggie chili with avocado.
 with roasted brussels sprouts topped with nutritional yeast.
smokey sweet potato and kale soup.
we also ate spinach pies twice… from a Mediterranean market in west palm…
and when I say “we” I mean: Marlowe. I ate falafel.
Curry night. For this meal, I chopped all the vegetables and set aside a small bowl for Marlowe’s portion and cooked it separately, exactly the same as mine, but with less ginger, garlic, and any spice that would be too spicy. I missed making mine super spicy 🙂
Curry again.
tofu scramble with avocado.
Have a wonderful (rainy and humid) monday.
*Recipes coming in the next few weeks:
Cooked greens
black bean soup
White bean stew with biscuits.
Have any other requests? Ask and I will make.



  1. This is such a great series, posting what your toddler eats! This is helping me so much since I am pregnant and sick all day long. I just come here and find something that looks like what I have in the fridge, I say "bless you, Drea" and then my child gets fed and I am happy. Thank you! I look forward to other meal inspiration you post in the future. Happy Holidays!

  2. "The 30 vegan challenge" book has awesome recipes! Look it up…the author also has a cook book as well. Tons of ideas. Just thought I would let you know in case you wanted new ideas 🙂

  3. Although my family hasn't made the full dive to become vegans, we are vegetarians with the occasional cheese and fish. Either way, you are quite the inspiration for me in my attempts to keep the meals for my 13 month old son healthy. Thank you!

    I know you said that you are short on time, but if you get the chance, you should check out freefromsociety.com. The author, Glenn, has just started a "Healthy $3 a day vegan challenge." It might just give you some inspiration in the kitchen, and with Diet Water! I know it has helped me in just a couple of days… Either way, at least you can say with proof that being a vegan family doesn't have to be expensive!

  4. does Marlowe eat everything? my kids are super picky and rarely eat food, they rather drink their milk, specially Niko. Luna drinks almond milk but still, she's hooked!

    i have two avocado trees. i want to mail you some now!

  5. The almighty avocado. Makes any meal that much better!

    I LOVE the photo of the green highchair with Marlowe in the green dress. Really nicely done.

  6. how much do you cook your brussel sprouts/broccoli? We love them crispy and not soft- do you just cook some a little bit longer for the little one?

    Also, how is she at using a spoon? Was it really just practice makes perfect?

    my daughter is 13 montsh right now and I have noticed that she getting to be a MUCH more efficient eater- I guess it is just time to take it to the next step.