My dad came by the other day to see how I was doing. He said, “I’ve got a video for you”. It made me more emotional than I’d like to ever admit a video filmed at Burning Man could make me. 
Thanks dad. Thanks for somehow finding the perfect video to help me get in the right mood to (once again) get through someone else’s incompetent shit. Love you.


  1. Totally needed this today. Thanks Drea. My Taurus man of three years has once again tossed me aside after I let him back so many times in the past. He led me on and then left me hanging. I woke up on Saturday morning to a text message from him saying he no longer wanted to see me. Blindsided. Dumbfounded. All of the above. You have given me inspiration. You have shown me I need to keep going. You have done it with grace. I intend on doing the same. Despite the fact my heart hurts so hard right now. Thanks.

  2. I loved this video… And now I think I want to go there someday! Looks so fun! So perfect for the current situation xo

  3. you said "shit"! 🙂
    super inspiring video. i have one thing to say, remember that sometimes the ones we love are the not necessarily the ones who bring out the best in us.

  4. This video made my heart happy! Thank you Dad for showing you it.

    Isn't it neat, just think of all the places you'll go….all the wonderful souls you'll meet…all the smiles so sweet…all the great food you'll make on toast and eat 🙂

    I hope today is better day

  5. Thanks for sharing this. On the tail end of a really hard year within my own life I had forgotten how powerful those words could be. It was a little reminder that there will be rough patches but you have to persevere to get back to good.

    Thanks for posting!

  6. I just loved the video, it made me so happy and so emotional. Emotional in a good way that i want to hold on to. Keep you head up, you will get through this.

  7. I just posted that video on my facebook the other day, it's so good! Have you been to Burning Man before? It made me simultaneously long to be back on the playa and nostalgic for my favorite childhood book. 🙂

  8. This video made me cry more than i have in the past year combine…i needed that more than anything. This video and that cry both. thank you.

  9. absolutely beautiful . Love this story. and it's so true, especially for you dea drea 🙂 and don't forget.. The missing piece meets the big O, that's for you too my dear friend

  10. Oh boy, that was really special. Your dad's good people. No wonder he turned out such a good egg 🙂 keep on keepin' on, girl.